[Instagram] 170528 Another Post of the Coffee Truck Support from Hojoon; Staff Comments on Yunho

Yunho’s friend actor Son Hojoon has sent him a coffee truck at the filming site of his drama (probably Konkuk University today) as a support.

Coffee truck staff posted more about it~


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[Trans] 170517 SHINee’s Minho Picked Changmin as a Celebrity with whom he is Close in a Konkuk University Interview

In an interview for Konkuk University, it seems that Minho chose Changmin as a celebrity he is close with. Both of Minho and Changmin are Konkuk university alumni~


{p/n: Only Changmin’s part is re-posted here, full interview is here}

Q: Who is the celebrity you’re closest with? What is Minho’s special know-how on getting closer with people?

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[Non-fanacc] 170506 On Meeting Changmin at the Apple Store in the Konkuk University Star City Mall



Hello, I work at the Apple store in the Konkuk University Star City mall. Today {t/n: posted on 5/6} Choikang Changmin came to our store and bought earphones, can I write such things here? If it is inappropriate, I will delete it straightaway! It isn’t just today that he came, he also came on March the 18th and bought iPhone7 earphones. Continue reading