[Trans] 170517 SHINee’s Minho Picked Changmin as a Celebrity with whom he is Close in a Konkuk University Interview

In an interview for Konkuk University, it seems that Minho chose Changmin as a celebrity he is close with. Both of Minho and Changmin are Konkuk university alumni~


{p/n: Only Changmin’s part is re-posted here, full interview is here}

Q: Who is the celebrity you’re closest with? What is Minho’s special know-how on getting closer with people?

I was a trainee since young and debuted. So I mostly spent time with hyungs. I’m the closest with Max Changmin hyung who is currently in the army. I think developing chemistry is what makes human relationship stronger. I’m the kind who tries to develop chemistry through talking about things that we have in common, such as favorite song or hobbies. If I don’t have anything in common with the person, I would try to make memories with them and build chemistry by traveling or trying something together.




dreamkonkuk (naver blog): here,
English Translation by @bysagyehan (t/n: please take out with full credits and do not re-translate),
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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