[Trans] 141111 Tohoshinki Became the Top Single Selling Foreign Artists of all Time “We Wish to Convey our Gratitude to our Fans Through our Concert tour”

[TRANS] TOHOSHINKI became the top single selling foreign artists of all time
“We wish to convey our gratitude to our fans through our concert tour.”

The Oricon weekly single sales ranking will be published on Nov. 17th, the most recent single of Tohoshinki “Time Works Wonders” has been sold 107,000 copies in the first week since its release and they have sold singles in total of 4,088,000 copies. This number exceeds 4,001,000 copies by Agnes Chang and they became the top foreign artists of all time. The below are the comments from TOHOSHINKI on their achievement.

Yunho: I am extremely happy that we became the top selling foreign artists of all time for singles with this single, “Time Works Wonders”. Thank you so very much. I am always thankful to our fans for all their support. “Time Works Wonders” means “Time makes miracles.” I sang this song with all my heart while thinking over what I have experienced as TOHOSHINKI. Our dreams such as the five dome tour and Nissan stadium live that we had since we just debuted have become true one by one. I wish TOHOSHINKI to continue to evolve from now on. Please continue to give us your support.

Changmin: It is all because of all our fans support that we were able to achieve this record. Thank you very much. I wish to keep singing each song with great care/cherishingly. In the next year, we will have the second dome tour. We will prepare for the tour so that we can convey our gratitude to our fans nationwide in Japan. Please look forward to the tour.





Music Voice,
Translated by @beriko0214
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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