[Trans] 141122 Asia’s Best 5 Football Stadiums – Nissan Stadium included (TVXQ! Reference)

[trans] Asia’s best 5 football stadiums – Nissan Stadium included (TVXQ reference)


*This article lists the best 5 stadiums in Asia which one “must definitely have a look at before one dies”. Only TVXQ-related parts have been translated.

#4th place – Yokohama International Stadium (Japan, Yokohama, Seating capacity of 72327)

This is Japan’s largest-capacity integrated sports facility. It is the home stadium of the Yokohama Marinos, and a venue which had held World Cup and Club World Cup matches. In 2009, Japan’s global automobile business enterprise, Nissan, received the naming rights from the city of Yokohama and it is now called “Nissan Stadium”. As a K-Pop pilgrimage-like site, it also became a hot topic when TVXQ performed concerts there in 2013.

#Football List’s one phrase (to symbolically describe this stadium): “The traces left in Japanese soccer by TVXQ”



풋볼리스트 Footballist via Naver
Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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