[FULL Trans] Tohoshinki for “B-Pass” – January 2015 Issue (released on 141127)

[FULL TRANS] B-PASS(Backstage Pass) 2015 Jan Issue (Nov 27, 2014 on sale)

We interviewed the two about their thoughts/emotions that they put into their highly anticipated new album, “WITH”!!

Songs that will be loved forever, the bond that will never break/change…..

Since they restarted their activities in 2011, Tohoshinki has continued to create/produce new albums with themes such as rebirth for ‘TONE”, the way of living through for “TIME”, and the tracks of their history and their gratitude to their fans for “TREE”. The theme they aimed for the new album was the brightness of evergreen color like leaves of an evergreen tree that reflecting lights. They have had album titles with English words begin with a letter “T” until now, but the title of this new album is “WITH”. Since they came off the sequence, we could assume/get a glimpse of their passions towards this album.

YH: I wish this album to be .. something that will be in everyone’s mind forever. Therefore, instead of the genre of music that is trendy in these days, we chose the kind of music with a bit nostalgic flair.. the songs that will not become outdated even time passes by.
CM: “WITH TOHOSHINKI”, “WITH the music of TOHOSHINKI” we strongly wish to convey such our feelings/emotions through this album. Therefore, we selected songs where we can sing together with our fans and we can share our feelings/thoughts with our fans. Because of these reasons, we decided “WITH” as the title of the album.

The album opens with an “agitation” song that overwhelms you with their strength to truly become the kings (of pop music). The song includes an English narration, “The gods awakening in the East have overcome many obstacles/difficulties, and by doing so they have gained a lot of support and love. They have united the world.” Just like that, the song is imposing and powerful/impressive. The song sends a passionate message, “No one can beat us!” and the beat behind the song is very strong.

The next song, “SPINNING” is a soul-disco tune that further brings our tension up higher to the next level with blast of horns. The song is about how a man becomes being pushed around by an attractive woman. They express that sexily through their lovely/sweet song voices and that will make everyone goes crazy.

YH: When I first heard the chorus part (of “SPINNING”), I got so excited. The session by the back band was really cool. (The dance choreography of) the verse parts of the MV were done almost completely by ad-libbed fashion. I think that is the highlight of the MV.
CM: In the MV, in short sections, we performed together with those who played brass instruments, where we danced together with the brass band. I think we all look so cool! I think in the end, you should be able to watch our new type of performance in the MV.

“Spinning” is the song that capitalizes the sound trend of this album, and it is characterized by horn sessions. Starting with, “Something” that was released in the last year, they have released jazz/soul/funky songs featuring horn sessions such as “SURI-SURI (“SPELLBOUND” that is included in this album) and “SWEAT”. Their brand new single, “TIME WORKS WONDERS” is an irresistible & precious piece where clear sounds of horn create an aura of bittersweet. All of these songs have classical notes tickling one with nostalgia. In addition, since all the horn sessions were recorded live, the album is filled with warms and sensitivity of handmade/manually recorded, vintage feelings and elegance, and not to mention gorgeousness. In response, the vocals of the two are in much softer tone as if their voices would wrap the listeners (hearts) around. In this album, intense and aggressive dance numbers are very limited. Overall, the album will give you softer and peaceful impression.

CM: We wanted to change the perspective of TOHOSHINKI = intense dance music. We wanted to convey our feelings, “Together with our fans”, clearly/accurately to our fans. It is easier for us to convey such feelings through songs that are not (intense) dance music. This time, we wished to let people listen our songs in which we pour all our emotions/feelings out.”
YH: During the recording of this album, we were feeling a little bit different from our previous recordings. One song at a time, we read through/digested and understood the meaning of the lyrics. There is a song that I sang while thinking over the feelings that were expressed in the lyrics, and felt that I might cry when I sing the song on the tour.

The lyrics (of the songs in this album) are mostly about love. In “BABY DON’T CRY”, a sweet song where they are beside of their loved lady and tell her “Don’t cry” – their fans will go crazy for sure. In “DIRT”, they play an unreliable man/man with a loose character who cannot live without a woman. “I JUST CAN’T QUIT MYSELF” is a humorous song about a love theory by a reckless/gun-ho man. They sing songs about loves, not only loves between man and woman, but also love for your friends and buddies – to cheer these people up as well as to encourage themselves through “BELIEVING YOU” and “ANSWER”. “CHRISTMAS IN LOVING” is a jazzy adult contemporary X’mas song. “SPECIAL ONE” is a love song for their fans who will be gathered to their live stages. “CALLING” is a song with an enormous theme where they sing about their commitment to their loved ones such as best friends, colleagues, and families and children. It is a dramatic ballad featuring their powerful vocal. So as you can see that there are many kinds of love songs in this album, but the must-listen to songs are “WITH {LOVE}” and “CHANDELIER”. These are heartwarming songs but also heartrending songs. I am sure that these songs will make their fans break into tears.

YH: “CHANDELIER” is a song about the relationship between us with the listeners. Although I feel warmth, I also feel bittersweet/sentimental a lot more stronger. “WITH LOVE” also, for me, it is really a sentimental/melancholic song. When I sang this song, I felt overwhelmed.. I could barely managed to control my emotion to cry out.”
CM: For “WITH LOVE”, I thought that the emotion of the person who sings this song is important. Therefore, although it is raw, I sang this song as I was getting more and more emotional. I wished to make this song that can really touch one’s heart.

Starting in February next year, TOHOSHINKI would go on their second five Dome tour “TOHOSHINKI LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~”. They will feature their new album, “WITH” that are filled with their emotions/thoughts. We highly anticipate what kind of live performances they will show us. I believe that they will give us stage performances that we will never forget.

CM: I want to make the stages where all our fans could feel that they are connected to us, TOHOSHINKI. We want to proof the bonds between our fans and us through our songs.
YH: To be honest with you, until now, I had controlled my emotions in order to precisely perform lives stages. However, this is the first time, I think that I will show everything about me, just the way I am, to our fans. I want to touch everyone’s soul through this concert tour. I want to do my best so that I can convey my emotions to our fans through our live performances.



{t/n: Thanks to Miru-chan(‪@YCM020618‬) for sharing the original JPN text.
Note: I have not heard the REFUSE TO LOSE ENG narration yet so the part is direct translation from the JPN txt.}



B-PASS, via @YCM020618
Translated by @beriko0214
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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