[Trans] 160113 Announcer Kwon Naeun Blogs about Emceeing with Yunho at the Year-End Concert (151223)


Kwon Na-eun (announcer/mc) blog entry mentions mc-ing with Yunho at the year-end concert at the ministry of national defense:

Although a top star, he was very humble and polite; he was PFC Jung Yunho who was diligently checking everything, all the way to the script reading!
(She had posted before to her personal SNS but due to various reasons, she had deleted and won’t be uploading any proof shots)


{p/n: seems like she is referring to her emceeing with Yunho on 151223 when she updated her Instagram (hi_naeun) with a photo with Yunho}




Kwon Naeun’s naver blog (pinkvoice) via @tv2xqjamocha,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
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