[INFO] 160127 SBS Late Night TVEnt: Highest Rice Wreath Support Received from Fans to-date is TVXQ Changmin’s

[SBS Late Night TVEnt] The highest rice wreath support received from fans to-date is TVXQ Changmin,  totaling at 47 tonnes, with rice valued more than 100 million KRW






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[Trans] 160128 Mixed Martial Arts Coach, Kwon Minseok Mentions Teaching Yunho, his Good Manners and Skills


He had coached the international idol TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho who is currently serving his military service. Kwon Minseok said “I had thought that by nature, big stars are the arrogant sort of people but even during the group class, (he) approached first and participated without feeling out at all out of place that it was surprising how he fit in,” letting on that “actually student U-Know Yunho has an extraordinary sense. Continue reading