[Trans] 160113 【Bigeast Limited】東方神起 History DVD 「We are T ~Second Memories~」 to release on 2016/2/24!


【Bigeast Official Shop Limited】The release of 東方神起 History DVD 「We are T ~Second Memories~」 has been decided on 2016/2/24!


It has been 3 years, since ~First Memories~ was released in December 2012, which has collected footages of about 1 1/2 years history after restarted their activities in 2011.

From the single 「ANDROID」, to become the quickest foreign artiste to have completed a 5-dome tour (in Japan), and then left a mark in the history when they mobilised 140,000 audiences for their LIVE in Nissan Stadium (LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~), and the various productions that were ongoing during their busy period, followed by 「LIVE TOUR 2014 ~TREE~」 in the following year, and then 「LIVE TOUR 2015 ~WITH~」 which was closed with tears of impression, until the event on 4/27 to celebrate their 10 years anniversary since debut in Japan.

The contents will include not only the journey of their growth as an artiste that have established many different records, but also the journey of how Yunho and Changmin have grown up as a person, which includes precious off-shot video of behind-the-scenes on-site of their LIVE, events, jacket cover PV shooting, photo-book shooting and calendar shooting, as well as their thoughts about all their releases and events, overflowing with their thoughts to their oneself, to their member and to “Bigeast”. All of these which does not fit into a simple history video, will be collected in the form of a documentary in this production, to be retained in one’s memory.
This production also includes a special video in DISC 3, with footages from 「東方神起 10th Anniversary Event in Yokohama Arena」 (Round 2).


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[Instagram] 160109 Mexican Actress Jacky Bracamontes Got a Picture with Yunho!


Me topé con un coreanito muy famoso y hasta flores me dio!!! Jajajaja! #fotodefan #YunoYunho #tvxq

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“met a famous korean and he gave me flowers!! hahaha”




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[INFO] 160109 TVXQ! Tops Oricon’s Yearly Music Ranking for Kpop Artists Over the Last 6 Years (2010~2015)

Oricon’s accumulated annual sales chart over the period from 2010 to 2015 for kpop artists shows TVXQ!/Tohoshinki at the top with 24,535 million yen!


They are still the top even if you count their accumulated annual sales from when they came back as duo, too (2011~).





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[Instagram] 160113 SPA the el’s CEO Yimina Posts about Visiting Changmin, Siwon and Donghae



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[Trans] 160112 Changmin’s TVCM for Japanese Cosmetic Brand “24h Cosme” to be Broadcast Nationwide (in JP) from 2/18~

東方神起 Changmin participated in 24h-cosme TVCM and will be broadcast nationwide (in JP) from 2/18 on wards.


Details on the “24h-cosme Spring Campaign” featuring Changmin of 東方神起 from Official Website (members-exclusive):



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“24h-cosme Spring Campaign” begins from 2/15 onwards~

24h-cosme members-exclusive pre-orders
** from 1/15 10 am JST ~ 1/31 11.59 pm JST **


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