[INFO] 160115 “24h Cosme Spring Campaign” Exclusive Set Pre-order Starts Today for 24h Cosme Members!


“24h-cosme Spring Campaign” exclusive set pre-order started today for 24h-cosme members! Visit the website here for more. Details on the sets has been previously posted here.




Also on 160114, 24h-Cosme posted on their instagram the following:


As mentioned earlier, Pre Order opens at 10am JST Tomorrow {p/n: 1/15} on their website for the campaign-limited set. 24h-cosme members only.  Pre-order/buy these limited quantities campaign exclusive set and stand a chance to win original Changmin goods~

“24h-cosme Spring Campaign” from 2/15~ with new poster visual, Continue reading

[VID/Trans] 160114 Tohoshinki’s Changmin’s Greeting for “24h-Cosme Spring Campaign”




Official Video has been released again:



東方神起 Changmin’s Greeting for “24h-Cosme Spring Campaign”

Everyone, hello. This is Changmin of TOHOSHINKI! The CM for 24h-Cosme which I’m appearing in is starting*!

Well, right, the CM this time, while it was filmed on an individual basis, when seeing it Continue reading

[INFO] 160115 Further Details on 『Tohoshinki FILM CONCERT 2016 ~TILL~』April and May Film Concerts are up!


The opening times of the April and May film concerts of『Tohoshinki FILM CONCERT 2016 ~TILL~』across 47 provinces in Japan were updated, and can be viewed here. There is going to be 1, 2 0r 3 rounds each day. It will contain Unseen footage as reported before.

In the update it’s been revealed that it will be like “a standing concert at live house” instead of “live viewing at cinema”. No seats except for venues in Chiba & Saitama.

Tickets pre-sale for Bigeast starts from 1/19 at 15:00 JST to 1/25 at 18:00 JST



Tohoshinki Official Website and Bigeast Official Website, in English via @joeylfy,
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[INFO] 160115 Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2015 Results are out! Tohoshinki at No.4 and Topping Twitter Voting~


Once again Tohoshinki comes as the 4th Artist in Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2015 and No.1 in the twitter voting! Congratulations to Tohoshinki and to fans! Also thanks to everyone for voting~

160115 Billboard Japan Artist of the Year 2015; No.4 Tohoshinki 000


Billboard JAPAN Music Awards 2015:

No.4 SAKURAMICHI – Tohoshinki (No.1 Twitter voting, No.86 in karaoke ranking)

160115 Billboard Japan Artist of the Year 2015; No.4 Tohoshinki 001


In the Billboard Japan news article, it was reported that “The enthusiasm of 東方神起  fans who were voting almost nonstop for 24 hrs, brought 東方神起 サクラミチ to 1st in Twitter ranking, 4th overall” Continue reading