[Non-/Fanacc] 170308 More about Yunho’s Visit to Hyoja Bakery and Buying Changmin’s Favourites Breads~

Yunho had gone to Hyoja bakery, located close to the police agancy, on his way to visit Changmin, and bought many of their products which included changmin’s favourites.

Hyoja bakery’s instagram posted a photo of Yunho’s autograph form the visit placed together with Changmin’s:


#Sechon #Hyojabakery #Sechonbakery #Seoul #Deliciousplace #TVXQ #U-KnowYunho #JungYunho #ChoikangChangmin #ShimChangmin #Cassiopeia #TVXQjjang (great) after Choikang Changmin’s regular patronage, U-Know Yunho-sshi visited us~~^^ Thank you very much~~~^^ When #TVXQ fans come, please tell us beforehand #Changmin set #Yunho set #ChoikangU-Know


Also, translations of the bakery’s comments in their previous post:

  • thanking fans for their interest
  • changmin had come once or twice in two months
  • yunho came today to personally get the bread that Changmin liked for his visit with him
  • he asked what were the bread he liked and bought them. He also came back to buy more after trying. In total, that was about 36,500₩ (the second time)
  • bakery will check its video and may re-upload the photo on instagram. It will also inform the kinds of bread (for the Changmin set/ Yunho set) are.

[cr: Hyoja Bakery Instagram (hyojabakery) via @tvxqyoonmin]


Fanaccount from a fan who went to the bakery after work to see the autographs:

Yunho’s autograph now placed beside changmin’s.

Yunho had come along with a guy friend to visit Changmin and bought 60,000₩ worth of breadㅋ he got the bread (in picture) along with some that were out of stock (by the time fan got there: squid ink ciabatta, fig bagel, cranberry).
A really cute part – as he didn’t buy the cornbread (with the ⭐️) he returned again to buy itㅋㅋ
Bread that Yunho bought:
1. Cornbread
2. Cheddar mocha bun
3. Apple pie
4. Bouchee
5. Onion cream cheese
6. Squid ink ciabatta
7. Fig bagel
8. Cranberry
9. Chocoball doughnut
10. Financier


In the car, Yunho chose to eat the choco doughnut and financier. ㅋㅋ so the rest is for changmin and co.? ㅋㅋ


[cr: @0206yhken: 1, 2, and 3]


This is the Changmin set from Hyoja Bakery – also includes the fig bagel, the apple pie, cornbread etc so basically Yunho knows Changmin’s faves

[cr: @noripy0827]

On twitter, Hyoja bakery name trended in the Korean twitter and Changmin’s name in the Japanese one~

[cr: @0206yhken]

[cr: @UmdyYC]




As indicated above,
All Translations by @snxy: 1, 2, 3, 45, and 6,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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