[Compilation] 170516 Sergeant Changmin Performing with SMPA Promotions Unit at Maru Park (Part.2)

The police promotion concert today was at the Suseo Police together with Local Residents Sharing Concert at Maru Park [cr: via @snxy]. They performed TVXQ’s Balloons, then a dance medley of Mirotic and the way you are, also Super Junior’s Devil and Sorry Sorry’s medley and H.O.T’s Happiness.

He looked super cute and playful > w <!!




[cr: @maxj_jal]


[cr: @UltraTVXQ]


[cr: @2618yhcm]





Fans said to changmin don’t fall sick, see you on the 27th, goodbye and he waved and smiled at them

[cr: murasakiline | @murasakiline, Translation by @snxy]



[cr: BambitoRjn | @BambitoRjn]



[cr: gleam031226 | @gleam031226]




[cr: ultratvxq | @UltraTVXQ]



Changmin saying 야 임마 (like yah this boy) as he watched his juniors performㅋㅋ



[cr: max ㅈㅈㄹ | @maxj_jal, via @snxy]



[cr: dear peach deer | @DEAR_PEACH_DEER]


[cr: @12268626_2]



[cr: @2618yhcm]



  • Fan told Changmin see you on the 27th and not to fall sick. He smiled and noddedㅠㅠ
  • From afar, changmin was walking towards the fan,fan waved,said goodbye and as he waved back and walked,it was like a dream can’t rmb e restㅋ
  • During rehearsal, changmin was carrying a piece of paper and walking around, rly seemed like the director in charge
  • Fan said thanks to Changmin for not choosing either Korean Air or Asiana, and he smiled ㅋㅋ (cos Jeju Air is a budget carrier)

[cr: @2618yhcm: 1, 2, 3, 4, Translated by @snxy: 1, 2, 3, 4]

  • Changmin while waiting: often left the tent to go out and dance/move his body a little to the rhythm; crinked up his eyes smilingly while Chewing on something. He also watched over his juniors’ perf on stage w his hands up on his waist; showed off various expressions

[cr: @TVXQgoon, Translated by @snxy]




As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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