[Trans] 170525 TVXQ Yunho to Come Back with Drama Along with ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ Director


“TVXQ Yunho to come back with drama along with ‘Another Oh Hae Young’ Director”

TVXQ’s Yunho will return with a drama.
According to a number of broadcast insiders on May 25th, Yunho has recently been chosen for the male lead for the drama “Meloholic”.

“Meloholic” is a romantic mystery comedy work based on the webtoon with the same name. It tells the story between a man with clairvoyance and a woman who has split personality.

Yunho has been offered the part of Yoo Eun Ho. Yoo Eun Ho makes every woman’s heart flutter, but never dates any of them.

This is TVXQ’s Yunho return work, so it’s gaining lots of attention. She has finished two years of military enlistment and was discharged last month on the 20th. Fans had been curious as to when he will make a comeback to the entertainment scene.

“Meloholic” is directed by producer Son Hyun Wook, who has directed “Another Oh Hae Young,” “Introverted Boss,” and “Not Dating, Marriage” and so there’s lots of expectation. He tends to be able to portray melodrama between youth and love very delicately, so it will be interesting to see what kind of synergy he pulls out with Yunho. “Meloholic” will be made as a cross-platform drama and it will be produced by the team who made KBS2’s “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” They will start filming at the end of May.

[cr: news1 korea via naver]


SM has confirmed the news on xportsnews via naver: “Yunho has been confirmed to star in ‘Meloholic’. He will start filming soon.”



Yunho’s article trending on naver main~

[cr: via @0206yhken]



news1 korea via naver and xportsnews via naver,
Translated by @janieTVXQ: 1 and 2,
Naver main trend via @0206yhken,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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