[PIC/Fanacc] 170708 Pre-Concert: Fan-made and Official Goods for Yunho at SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL

Yunho’s first stage in two years is today!!! Photos of fans’ preparations and goods for the SMTOWN VI in SEOUL! Concert is starting now (06:oo PM KST)!!

Many fans have prepared fan-made slogans and uchiwa (hand fans) for other fans to collect them and cheer for Yunho together~ ^^!

This post compiles some of them (there are really a lot haha), some were giveaways while some came with a price~




From the official goods:



[cr: @tvxqhimawari26]



[cr: @anywhere4you]



The stickers:


[cr: @raccowa]


The Note is A4 size



[cr: @aminotvxq via @snxy]


Yunho in brochure photos

Yunho’s card in the passport case

Inside the venue!


[cr: @Y206T218C]


Inside the venue~


[cr: @ryuda_t]


Fan-made Slogans and Uchiwas:


TVXQ uchiwa (fanart and prepared by @ryuda_t):



[cr: @ryuda_t]


Uchiwa and slogans:


Yunho slogans :”It’s like we’ve never been separated. let’s walk again once more”
“Love Again Jung Yunho”


[cr: @red_etoile_, Translated by @snxy]




[cr: @forev2618]




[cr: @onlytworld]


uchiwa and slogans (includes one for Changmin):


[cr: @2for1T]



[cr: @StandByUknow]


Sekeping Yunho Sisters Flags:
the flag is designed in line with  the theme “Yunho is our Sunflower”

[cr: @yilunleong and Sekeping Yunho Sisters]



[cr: @tvxq_verTgo]


A fan got Yunho and Changmin uchiwas from @story_tv2xq:


[cr: @tv2xqgachi]


Here’s this fan’s collection of the fan-made slogans and uchiwas:

[cr: @Y206T218C]





Fanaccount by @snxy:

  • 😮 ppl lined up since dawn to buy goods… >_< {p/n: tweeted ~07:00 AM KST}
  • 😮 the goods line rly. .. and it’s raining where i am
  • Artiste lightsticks to 2 per person. #TVXQ #SMTOWN
  • Lol. Japanese Bigeast fanboy in red shirt with red shoes, carrying just a yunho fan, a penlight and his handphone.
  • you won’t get lost. goods line is also short and moving 🙂  nothing sold out yet

  • Smtown Passport GET

  • A guy was playing a tune on a guitar and fans were singing We Are T!
  • The TVXQ passport and notebook are sold out [cr: @ONLYYHCM]







As indicated above,
please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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