[INFO] 170708 TVXQ! Tops the Ranking of K-POP Artists Single+Album+DVD Sales in Japan (2012~)

In the Japanese magazine “Nikkei Entertainment! K-Pop Bible” – Issue 6/29, a ranking of K-pop artists with highest total sales of Japanese singles, albums and DVDs was revealed.

Despite their two years hiatus, TVXQ or as known by Tohoshinki in Japan, came at the top with 1,749,276 Yen |Edit: number of units, not yen|!


Based on an article by The Fact Japan, it seems that this ranking includes accumulated sales from 2012/12/31 to 2017/04/30.




Scan from Nikkei Entertainment! K-Pop Bible via @saya_wy_0813,
Ranking Information by The Fact Japan,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

3 thoughts on “[INFO] 170708 TVXQ! Tops the Ranking of K-POP Artists Single+Album+DVD Sales in Japan (2012~)

  1. Isn’t this supposed to be solely from DVD sales? I don’t think TVXQ’s single/album/DVD accumulated copies would be this low….


    • There is a typo in our posts, it is not yen but number of units, so thanks for pointing that out!
      Even with that, these numbers don’t make sense. The ranking does says it is for “packaged merchandise” then in brackets lists singles, albums, and dvds (We understood the term “packaged merchandise” as your regular singles and dvds, but if it happens to mean something else, hopefully someone corrects us).
      Just found the original poster of the scan

      and the person says these are “the sales ranking of CD and DVD which were listed in the magazine”, whatever that means. Maybe it will be clear if someone soon shared a copy of the magazine to see the rest of the text.


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