[Trans] 170709 News Articles on Yunho’s Performance at SMTOWN Live World Tour VI in Seoul


티브이데일리 포토

Media review of SMTOWN SEOUL:

(only Yunho-related part)

On the 8th in the evening, at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul’s Mapo-gu Sangam-dong, “SMTOWN LIVE 6 In Seoul I, SMTOWN LIVE for short” was held. The concert which started at 6pm, ended after 10pm, lasting for about 4 hours and 30mins. (performers list omitted) —

This was taken (the picture of Yunho’s stage) at the peak of the first showcase of TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho’s new song, ‘Drop’. If BoA was said to be the female Michael Jackson, then U-Know Yunho is reminiscent of yet another Michael Jackson with his costume and performance capturing attention from its introduction. Even then, he revealed his nervousness, saying that “as it has been such a long time since I’ve stood on such a large stage, I was very worried. Would everyone watch my first stage well?” He said, “as I would be by myself as a TVXQ member onstage at today’s SMTOWN, I was very worried. However, Changminnie contacted me. “Hyung, it would be good if you could show all that you feel.”, while saying that he also disclosed the latest on his fellow member, Choikang Changmin and promised that the members would be having a complete comeback as two.
In the midst of that, U-Know Yunho confessed that “everytime I have a performance, my pants would split. Today too, my pants have split,” arousing a burst of laughter. Fans were chanting “Jung Yunho” as he went off to change, once again showing their appreciation for the passion he showed after waiting for his first large-scale concert since his discharge. Having returned, U-Know Yunho said that “many staff are working very hard”, becoming the only one amongst SMTOWN LIVE’s artistes to mention the hard word done by the staff behind-the-scenes. Lee Sooman who was also called out and thanked, gave a thumbs up in U-Know Yunho’s direction, making it even more heartwarming. Following that, U-Know Yunho passionately sang TVXQ’s hit songs, Mirotic, WHY and the Korean version of their Japanese release, SOMEBODY TO LOVE, heating up the audience. Even though he was onstage by himself, he was running all over the entire concert venue, he came to a stop on his knees, through his explosive performances, he turned over the stage.

[cr: TVDaily ]



On his first ever stage since being discharged last April, TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho showed a true “pro’s ethic”.
The ‘SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI IN SEOUL’ concert was held at the Seoul World World Cup Stadium on the 8th, in the afternoon. That day, on his first-ever stage since his discharge, U-Know Yunho presented his new single, “Drop”.
Wearing a uniform, U-Know Yunho emerged on stage, and danced to grand-sounding, halfway during his stage, his pants split completely. Yet, U-Know Yunho was not flustered. With his pants split, he went on with his stage until the end. After his stage was finished, U-Know Yunho said, “I was nervous to be on stage after being away for a long time”, and “Since I was coming onstage alone as a TVXQ member, I was very worried. Also, (Choikang) Changmin contacted me and said, “hyung, show what you feel.”
In addition, U-Know Yunho nonchalantly said, “However, as I was so enthusiastic, my pants got split. I will go to change and come back,” leaving the stage.
According to TV Report, Lee Sooman who was watching U-Know Yunho, who was, as expected of SM’s representative, raised a thumbs up in his direction.
U-Know Yunho who then returned after changing his pants, went on to perform TVXQ’s hit tracks, Mirotic, Why, etc by himself well. Like the embodiment of a true pro’s ethic.

[cr: Huffpost Korea]




TVDaily and  Huffpost Korea respectively,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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