[Fancam/Fanacc] 170727 Yunho for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI IN JAPAN at Tokyo Dome Day 1 (Part.1)

Yunho performed at Tokyo Dome after two years!

Just like Osaka’s performed similar set list as Seoul’s except for an extra song (We Are!) and singing Somebody to Love in Japanese. However, today they came at the end to say good-bye only but did not sing Hope because of Tokyo dome’s time restriction as BoA and Yunho explained to the crowds [cr:  @MM7608, Translated by @changdoll].

Minsil-san has attended, and someone spotted Toho Dancer 50-san!

Yunho’s songs list:

VCR + Drop (new song)
TVXQ Medley (Mirotic + Why) (Korean versions)
We are!
Somebody to Love (Japanese version)

[cr: @Iidonghais]


One of the highlights today is Yunho mentioned our Changmin again! and talking about the complete TVXQ coming back soon!


[cr: fancam by @MM7608]

At the end he said: Changmin, I did it~






  • Drop

  • MENT
  • TVXQ! Medley (Mirotic + Keep Your Head Down)
  • We Are


  • Somebody to Love
  • Ending


[cr: @snxy| sn xy]


  • Drop

[cr: @W_crown26218: here]


  • Ending


[cr: @1110_12L: here]







Fanaccount and Photos by @snxy:

  • #SMTOWNLIVEinTokyo day 1 – #東方神起 #ユンホ 2.33 PM goods line
  • Smtown Passport stamp~ near Gate 22 #SMTOWNLIVEinTokyo day 1

  • Seeing so many Bigeast and Cassiopeia here in red ♥️ also people queuing up at the Bigeast membership booth
  • Also, tickets for live viewing were hard to get cos most cinemas in central Tokyo were sold out ^^ #smtownintokyo day 1
  • The loudest cheers during the vcr were for Yunho /seriously not being biased/ \o/
  • Lol bigeast keep coming in only now- guess they are here just for one stage 😉 {p/n: another fan, @loveyunhosama, commented that a lot and work so coming after finishing….}
  • There was a problem with BoA’s mic so Yunho and Kangta were trying to help her. So gentlemanly~ Yunho and his serious face as he tried to help
  • Then at the end, Minho and Yunho laced fingers and smiled for the camera ㅠㅠ
  • I wonder if Hope ending was cut cos sj’s MC was so long lol
  • 7/27 Yunho’s MENT #smtownintokyo day 1

  • Hope was cut because after 9.30pm, No sound is permitted at Tokyo Dome (cannot extend concert) #smtownintokyo day 1 [cr: @chana1252]
  • Yes re: ending smtown tokyo day 1- if venue is booked til xx time, it can’t be extended beyond; hence if it’s time’s up = end of concert
  • Yunho was rly lit. Like he was by himself but he fired everyone up. There were ppl waving their lightsticks in the theatre too and yelling
  • I think tonight, with the mama Red Ocean in tokyo dome, there were mini Red Oceans everywhere. Welcome back to Tokyo, Yunho ♥️
  • 7/27 Yunho mentioning Changmin ㅠㅠㅠ
  • when hope ending had to be cancelled it was like the 3 shareholders – big seniors BoA, Yunho & Kangta – who explained and apologised [cr: @uradoremi2]
  • fan saw yunho nodding vigorously to a man below his trolley during the transition frm We Are to STL. It was Toho dancer 50-san! [cr: @maaaavchan]




KR-EN Translated by @janieTVXQ:

  • YH: Everyone, did you miss me? Not just in Tokyo Dome, but all the people watching from theatres around the country, are you having fun? I can’t hear you, but I trust that you’re having fun. I think performing at this venue is the first in around 2 years.. I’d like to be more specific [about that length of time], but if by chance I get it wrong… that would be dangerousㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    [cr: JP-KR Translation by @ymamylim]
  • Y: Of course, Tokyo Dome is a very important place to me and EH&DH from SJ made a comeback and that was nice, right? And someone else here is also going to be making a comeback soon, too, right? Yes, Changmin’s gonna be back soon too, so please look forward to the complete TVXQ’s resurrection, okay? Changmin! I said it! [cr: JP-KR Translation by @ymamylim]







As indicated above,
please note that some of these source do not accept sharing but from only-TVXQ fans. No ex-members fans, so please respect their wishes.
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