[Trans] 171226 Behind the Scenes Stories of Tohoshinki from Magazine “AERA” (1/1-8 Issue , Released 171225)

Tohoshinki appeared on  Japanese Magazine AERA- 1/1-1/8 Issue 2018 (Release 171225). You can pre-order your copy now from amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well).

Below is a translation of article containing some of their behind the scene talk~



{t/n: AERA behind the scene – only the conversation part.}

When YH saw the gorgeous flowers on the red back seat.
YH: Wow, its amazing. This is Ninagawa-san!


When YH saw the picture of Masahiko Kondo on the cover of an AERA issue
YH: What would I be doing when I am 50 years old? A racing car driver? No, its impossible.
CM: I will be 30 years old pretty soon. My bones and intestines will become 30 years old too. I can’t fight with time. I guess I had to admit that.
YH: You may lose some physical activity but you can cover the loss with your passion.


Sam of TRF has been directing their stage but this time, Sam took some of YH’s idea. YH is interested in directing stage.
YH: I study about directing stage by watching stages in Las Vegas and readying collections of stage designs. I wish to create a stage where my sensibility now and in the past will be mixed with my own personality/individuality and that stage will be ‘only one’, truly unique to myself.

Do you have some practical idea?
YH: I will tell you when I have a working plan. It is my policy that I won’t tell anyone until I know for sure that I can do it (laugh).





Dot Asahi,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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