[Trans] 180101 Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” EP Featuring a Cassiopeia had the Highest Viewers Ranking on its Time Slot~

On 171231, KBS’s Kim Saeng-min’s “Receipt” featured a cassiopeia to talk about her TVXQ fan lifestyle.

The episode has the best viewers’ ratings for the time period!


-only TVXQ-related parts translated-

In any case, if one was going to become a fan, the let’s-become-fans-happily-TVXQ-taku’s {t/n: TVXQ fan or TVXQ otaku} receipt of pure love itself led with the best viewers’ ratings.

On the 1st, according to viewers’ ratings survey company, Nielsen Korea, ‘Kim Saeng-min’s Receipt’ which had been broadcast on KBS2 the previous night (17/12/31) had nationwide ratings of 6.5% with 7.3% in the metropolitan area. It was an increase of 1.0%P, 0.8%P than the previous episode and itself has the best ratings amongst its competitors which aired at the same time.

– a TVXQ fan had appeared on the show as part of a segment where they were talking about proof of how big a fan people are-

Kim Saeng-min then told the fan who had purchased the colour red, that “in the future, you would have to like red kimchi, cherry tomatoes, red squid, and salted seafood {t/n: the pickled liquid they come in is reddish}” annd as she was wearing nail art in red, gave suggestions that she should wear cotton work gloves {t/n: their tips are coated in red latex}, requesting for inexpensive and practical fan activities {t/n: to show their fangirling}





엑스포츠뉴스 via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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