[VID] 180122 JP TV News Report on Tohoshinki’s 5-Dome Tour Finale and 3-Day Nissan Stadium

Japanese TV News report on Tohoshinki’s 5-Dome tour finale at Kyocera Dome Osaka and the 3-Day Nissan Stadium performances on June, as well as Tohoshinki being the 1st artist ever to hold 3 consecutive days in Nissan Stadium~ ^^






  • Mezamashi TV

[cr: @banbimax218 : here]



  • Mezamachi AQUA

[cr: @kzyc_cy: here]




[cr: @wr2799: here]





[cr: @kzyc_cy: here]




  • Oha!4


[cr: @kzyc_cy: here]



(it looks like the pitch in the video below is changed)


[cr: @wr2799: here]




  • BARIHaya!


[cr: @kzyc_cy: here]







As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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