[INFO] 180122 JP News Report Tohoshinki #TVXQ as 1st Artist Ever to Perform 3 Consecutive Days in Nissan Stadium

Tohoshinki are going to be the first artist ever in Japan to perform 3 consecutive days in Nissan Stadium!! One more record beside the fact that they are the first oversea artist to perform twice! (Tohoshinki are still the only oversea artist to have ever performed there)

Previously, the maximum performance days that Nissan Stadium allowed for artists was 2 days only (like Tohoshinki’s 2013 TIME Tour). This has always been the case to protect the stadium grass. However, luckily, it looks like chances has allowed for it this time as the grass is set to be replaced near that time.

Tour’s total is expected to reach 1M concert-goers with these three performances (which are expected to add about 220k to the old total of 780k)!


史上初!東方神起、日産スタジアム3days開催 ユンホ「皆さんのおかげ」(1)

史上初!東方神起、日産スタジアム3days開催 ユンホ「皆さんのおかげ」(2)



This is the old news about the grass replacement on June 2018 at the Nissan Stadium: here.





Nikkan Sports and SANSPO,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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