[Instagram] 180218 Yunho in a Selfie with Suk Jaebin; He Dyed his Hair!!!!

It is probably related to their comeback *___*!

Suk Jaebin is the same person who met Tohoshinki backstage in Nagoya when it was his birthday, and also met Changmin recently in the Prada comic collection launch party~


[cr: via @TVXQ_YCL]


[cr: via @LovinYUNHO]


it was completely a pleasure to have seen hyung on (my) birthday in nagoya and yesterday in seoulㅜ♥️
tohoshinki forever♥️




Suk Jaebin’s Instagram (sukjaebin) via @TVXQ_YCL and @LovinYUNHO, respectively,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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