[Changmin IG] 181218 Changmin Posted Clip of the Famous Yunho Shouting him Happy Birthday During KYHD Stage Back in 2011!!

Changmin sharing the famous moment starring Yunho from their Keep Your Head Down KBS stage back in 110218!! He most be fond of it, Happy birthday our dear boy~ > w <


매년 이맘때마다 인터넷에서 쉽게 볼 수 있는 감동 멘트👍 윤호형 @yunho2154 에게도 양해 구하고 올립니다 ㅋ
#오늘밤주인공은나야나 @changmin88 #감동의은하수 #그런데 #그영광의주인공 #내가아닌기분 #신스틸러 #우리 @tvxq.official@smtown [*영상출처: #110218 #KBS뮤직뱅크 #’왜(why)’ 방송중]




“this ment which can be seen easily on the internet every year around this time👍even asked Yunho hyung  @yunho2154 for permission to upload thisㅋ #tonight’s star is me @changmin88 #a touching galaxy #however #I get e feeling #I’m not the star of this honour #scene stealer #us @tvxq.official

[cr: Translated by @snxy]

Changmin also wrote at the end the source:

[*Video source: #110218 #KBSMusicBank #’왜(why)’ Broadcast]





Changmin Official Instagram (changmin88): here,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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