[VID/Trans] 180228 Tohoshinki Making and Comment for “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018

Tohoshinki were featured in “VOGUE JAPAN” – April Issue 2018, released  on 2018/02/28. You can order the issue at Amazon Japan: here (on kindle as well here)~

The making video and Tohoshinki comment video have been revealed today on the main website and previews shared on the magazine SNS accounts (they posted in English, too)!


Photoshoot Making:

  • Full version: here




Comment Video:

  • Full version: here



TVXQ: Hello Vogue readers, this is Tohoshinki.
Changmin: It’s been a long time since we have greeted like this.
Yunho: Please look forward to the pictures and interview in which you would be able to feel a much more matured Tohoshinki.
Changmin: As today the shoot was about really pouring alcohol into a glass, we are expecting that through the sexy concept, the pictures would turn out to be of surprise to everyone.
Yunho: We are really working hard shooting so that (the pictures) would turn out coolly.
Changmin: This year as well, we will be working hard to do well. So please cheer on for us a lot and so then,
TVXQ: This has been Tohoshinki.

[cr: JP-KR Translation by @tvxqdrip|TVXQDrip, KR-EN Translation by @snxy,]


Instagram Post:

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東方神起が約2年間のブランクを経て、『VOGUE JAPAN』4月号にカムバック!ユンホとチャンミンの魅力と深い絆を、写真とキーワード、そして2人の言葉でご紹介。さらにサンローランの最新コレクションをまとい、セクシーで大人な魅力満載のポートレイト写真は必見。メッセージを含む撮影メイキング動画をもっと見るにはプロフィールのリンクから🔗

Tohoshinki @tvxq.official appears in VOGUE JAPAN April issue. Yunho @yunho2154 and Changmin @changmin88 talk about their record-breaking live tour, their love for the fans, and their commitment to each other. Photos by @kei.ogata.photo Video by @mahotomono
#voguejapan #aprilissue #tohoshinki #東方神起



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Yunho and TVXQ trended on Korean trends which is possibly due to release of VOGUE photoshoot~ ^^

[cr: @togetherT_bill via @snxy]




VOGUE Japan: herehere and here,
VOGUE JAPAN Instagram (voguejapan): here,
Video Comment JP-KR Translation by @tvxqdrip|TVXQDrip,
Video Comment KR-EN Translation by @snxy,
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