[VID/Trans] 180323 More Previews! TVXQ’s for MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 will Broadcast Today on 03/23 at 23:10 (KST)!

TVXQ for MBC’s “I Live Alone” EP237 will broadcast today at 23:10 (KST)! you can stream via link: here (click MBC>more details>play content)



  • Changmin’s:  “I want to be Changmin’s Wilson {t/n: the ILA mascot bear} for a day


  • Yunho’s: TVXQ Passion Man Yunho’s morning choreo practice


[cr: MBCentertainment, titles translated by @snxy]



Translated by @aminotvxq :


  • Changmin : It was boisterous and never boring to live with Yunho so it was good, but he would often start singing early in the morning, waking me up to it XD
  • Changmin : I prefered to relax after work, while hyung would bring his friends home so often. I seriously wanted to stay alone and quiet. There’s a saying, “The priest has to leave if he doesn’t like the temple.” So, I left him 😉



Translated by @snxy:


  • Changmin gets out of bed and he’s topless and the hosts all go “whoa whoa” Yunho (jokingly): is this surprising?
  • Changmin says he’s been living alone for about 6 yrs now. While living with Yunho in the dorm was nice as it was boisterous and never dull, sometimes he’d been woken up cos of noise; or times after work, when he’d want to rest, Yunho would have friends over. #TVXQ ㅎㅎ (Y’s reaction😝)
  • Changmin goes to lie on Wilson’s lap and everyone incl Yunho (I was a little surprised) is 😯. Changmin: I always lay like this; it’s just cos Wilson was there. MC (envious) even when lying down, u don’t suck in your stomach!


  • Yunho says he does it first thing in the morning to stretch his joints.
  • Yunho said one might think it’s too much to be dancing like that in the morning but that’s cos he has pride in the stage. At that, Changmin gives him a thumbs up and high-fives him. Says he’s seen it before when they lived tog too.
  • Changmin adds he didn’t know Yunho was still doing that when living alone. Yunho goes to collect soft toys to sit on the sofa as he needs “an audience”. He likes to imagine the stage as part of “image training” (visualisation) ㅋㅋ
    {t/n: Sidenote: image training is used by a lot of professionals (like my fav skater Yuzu!) to visualise positive outcomes and anticipate scenarios. i’m just so tickled that Yunho uses soft toys to do so ;;}






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Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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