[Fancam/Fanacc] 180412 TVXQ’s Fansign Event at Starfield Goyang Mall

On the 12th after M Countdown, TVXQ held a fansign event at Starfield Goyang mall. It was originally scheduled at 19:30, but was delayed to 20:15 KST [cr: @jinjinjara_0 via @snxy]. 100 fans were picked out of those purchasing the album at Momo by Soundwave, the Goyang Starfield Branch, from 4/3~4/5)


[cr: @maxj_jal]





[cr: @murasakiline: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6]



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[cr: @tvxqharukaa: 1, 2, and 3]



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Translated by @snxy:

  • The Goyang Soundwave fansign has been delayed to 8.15PM KST [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • Looks like TVXQ have arrived~ Yunho in yellow; Changmin in black [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • TVXQ even apologised twice for the delay and fans shouted it’s okay ㅠㅠ it’s not your fault tho…

[cr: @yourmyvitamin2]

  • someone finally managed to get Yunho to blow flower petals~!!!! ㅠㅠ [cr: @sososysys]
  • Right after Yunho blew on the petals, the security called the staff over and told them to take it, saying what if there was something in it?ㅠㅠ looks like this may not be allowed in the future. [cr: @TVXQ_is_Twinkle]
  • Changmin wore a flower crown. Even if just for a few seconds. [cr: @banhee_tvxq1226]
  • fan drew those for TVXQ and handed them over at the fansign~

[cr: @183×185]

  • Me: hello
    Yunho: yes~ hello.
    Me: oppa, the hamster i used to keep has gone to the stars, wld it be poss for u to draw this?ㅠㅠ
    Yunho: (without words, draws a hamster next to fan’s name)
    as fan was so touched by Yunho’s drawing, she was speechless for a bit then
    Me: oppa, this is a hamster right? (Some1 beside him said not to draw)
    Y: ah as there was no time left.. heh..
    Thank you so much oppaㅠㅠ fan was so flustered tt he actually drew it for herㅜ
    Me: is Taepoong doing well?
    Yunho: (concentrating on signing) ah.. yesㅎ
    -hands over a soft toy-
    Y: wah what’s this it’s cute~ㅎㅎ
    Me: ah yesㅎ oppa rly thank you v much for the drawing..
    // fan was rly thankful for the drawing and so touched she couldn’t speak
    The hamster that Yunho drew for the fan (though he had no time to do so) ㅠㅠㅠ it even has a mole like him

    [cr: @_max9096: 1, 2, 3 and 4]
  • [breakingnews] sorry to inform those who like mint chocolate; it’s news that TVXQ do not like mint chocolate. Why aren’t they aware of the appeal of mint chocolate? (T^T) [cr: @themax218]
  • Fan asked Changmin to appear on Idol Room (the upcoming JTBC show by the former hosts of Weekly Idol which will feature idols and celebrity news) [cr: @kyoumo0206]
  • The hamster and bear drawn by Yunho today~

    [cr: @alwaysT_TVXQ]
  • changmin: ah xx~
    Me: this is a present, this is xx alcohol
    C: oh.. there’s liquid; it must have been tough for you to bring it here since its heavy
    M: yesㅠas i dont think i can speak well as we havent spoken for long, here’s a letter, i did my best
    Changmin (while reading the letter) but why am I sonsaengnim (teacher)? (Fan refers to him as that?
    Me: of course (you are) a teacher!
    C: i’ll certainly read the letter ^ㄴ^[cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • Yunho: ah xx~
    Me: in flower lang, this means happiness and to support
    Y: wow i rly like the flower language of this, even the smell is so good
    Me: also this is a soft toy..
    Y: wow it’s cuteㅋ
    Me: as i cant speak well i wrote a letter
    Y:(reads everything) wow, thank you (waves) [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • Ah and as there was water dripping from the flowers, Changmin said there’s water dripping be carefulㅠㅠ Fan also thanked Yunho for helping her endure until the present and while looking her in the eyes, waved at herㅠㅠ there was also hand contact as she handed over the 💐 [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • Me (fan had given Changmin Kr liquor)
    Changmin: ㅎㄴㅎ..!! The bottles have impact. Just how many are there? ㅋㅋ
    Me: 3 bottles..
    Staff: ㅋㅋㅋ
    C: next time please don’t bring heavy things with you. It’s really tough to do so. [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • The flower bouquets given by the fan to Changmin (left) – Yunho (right)

    [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • The flowers are pink roses and purple freesias. The meaning of Changmin’s pink roses is happiness and when she mentioned it to him, he went ah~ Yunho had pink roses and purple freesias (to cheer on). He said he rly liked their meaning and their smellㅠ [cr: @jinjinjara_0]
  • Changmin who told the manager not to act a certain way and that his actions had to be mannered and not cause harm to the fans and Yunho who became serious towards the manager and got angryㅠㅠthen straight away became kind again to fansㅠㅠ [cr: @My_star_TVXQ]
  • As the manager had asked fans carrying the album, who had just come up to him to go; and also told fans who were in the midst of talking to go, Yunho said in a really serious tone to him: yah stop that! causing the manager to shut his mouth. ㅠㅠ sweet oppa [cr: @My_star_TVXQ]
  • Fans commenting that Yunho really took his time when signing for fans. he would write the name – stop- have eye contact, smile, listen and then finish signing. ;; [cr: @TVXQ_is_Twinkle]
  • Fan: i didnt use to drink ☕ but cos oppa does,i’ve also started!
    Yunho: it’s nt gd if u drink a lot~juz drink a little
    F: oppa too!
    Y: I think I drink slightly too much
    F: 헐whyㅠ
    Y: it’s just like that~
    F: where do u like to get ur frm
    Y: I think I drink a lot of Starbucks~ [cr: @passion_mansour]






As indicated above
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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