[IG/VID] 180414 Winner’s Seunghoon Shares TVXQ’s Touching Signed Messages for them + Talking about Meeting them

TVXQ’s kind words to their juniors from another company~ ^^




#동방신기 선배님 체고시다!!!!!! #존경심가득담은❤#TVXQ

Post Translation:

#TVXQ Sunbaenims are the best!!!!!! #FullOfRespectTo❤ #TVXQ”

Translation of TVXQ’s Messages to winner:

Changmin: I’m really listening well to the songs. Please get along well with the members and have activities for a long time. I’ll be cheering you on!

Yunho: Winner who play well, are cool🎵 have activities with vigor for a long time, keep your mind and body healthy and enjoy it. watch over TVXQ too. Always be happy


[cr: maetamong: here, Post Translated by @YGwinnerPH, TVXQ’s Message Translation by @snxy]






WINNER’s Seungyoon &Seunghoon going on about how touched they were to receive well-wishes from their respected sunbaenim. they had gone to greet them & received so many well-wishes that it felt like Seollal (the Kr New Year). Seungyoon also said his 1st album was TVXQ’s 1st album


[cr: v Live cut by @ghdltghdkr, Translated by @snxy]




as indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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