[Compilation] 180414 TVXQ’s M2U Record – Shinchon Fansign Event at Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Branch

On the 14th after Music Core, TVXQ held a fansign event at Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Branch, U-PLEX Jade Hall at 19:00, which was announced back in 180405 through their official website. A total of 100 fans were picked out of those purchasing the album at M2U Record – Shinchon, from 4/6~4/8

The boys said some touching concluding comments at the end, expressing their thoughts about the comeback and thanking the fans for their support ㅠㅠ.. and possibly a repackage hint(??)



[cr: @uncommon_yh]




[cr: @uncommon_yh]




Translated by @snxy:

  • 14/4 fansign TVXQ are the the people that has made their life happy. I said that to the both of them and Yunho, smiled rightly and answered, that’s why we are working hard, and we will strive harder. Changmin said while looking at me, thank you v much for those words. Thank you. [cr: @anan0206]
  • 4/14 while looking at Changmin, I said i was so nervous that I felt I could die and he said if I did, it wld be a big problem.. so I asked has he been nervous when facing the fans? He thought abt it and said “I get nervous at every concert.” ;; [cr: @anan0206]
  • 14/4 when I saw Yunho I said I really missed him a lotㅠ he said thank you v much for waiting and for coming so often. In e past, Yunho had given me a sign tt said everything wld turn out well & after tt, everything did. My annual income went uo, I lost xx in weight. Was tough but everything went well in the end. Yunho answered that’s why we will also work harder. ;; [cr: @anan0206]
  • 4/14 {t/n: ofc fan was being tongue-in-cheek}
    Me: oppa I felt this as I came from a friend’s wedding today
    Changmin: what is it
    Me: that I won’t get married for the rest of my life and will be instead be fangirling over oppas
    Changmin: please don’t do that.. please [cr: @8626tvxq88218]
  • 4/14 fansign
    Me: oppa, I’ve prepared to be ready to be fans of oppa’s wife and even kids!
    Changmin: (puts down pen and holds up both hands) ne??ㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Me: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Changmin: it’s the first time in my life that I’ve heard those kind of wordsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Changmin: the person right before you asked me not to get married thoㅋㅋ
    Me: even if you were asked that, u still wldㅠㅠ
    C: that is.. um..even so, thk u for saying tt. (u’re) quite a realistic person.
    both cldn’t talk properly as they were 😂. Looks like he was quite😮 [cr: @8626tvxq88218: 1 and 2]
  • 4/14 fansign
    Me: I wasnt able to write properly as my hand was shakingㅠ
    Yunho: pls take ur time. ur nervousness is showing
    Me: I usually write better than this..
    Y: it’s still better than mine though?
    Me: but oppa, your writing is rly nice!
    Y: isnt it!? I also think the same!
    The self-satisified expression of Yunho while looking at his own writing was really cute~ [cr: @8626tvxq88218]
  • 14/4 Yunho cant rmb names well but he rmb faces wellㅠ when he saw ppl who hadn’t come in a long time, he said nice to see u. I mentioned tt I’d felt it had been a long time that many ppl who’d come 2day,had last come& oppa said he also felt that. He rly rmbed everyone’s facesㅠ [cr: @8626tvxq88218]
  • Yunho: today as well, has ended like that. Tomorrow will be the last day of the fansigns. With every sign, there is always people who ask me to remember their names, and this isn’t a lie but yesterday there was a person who used to work together with me and London Pride in the past. It’s different presently as it looks like that friend has become independent. That friend asked me “oppa, do you remember my name?” And I hesitated for 2,3 seconds. I’m not good with remembering names. However, I’m good with faces. Today, it was nice to see some of the many people who’d come for the first time in a long while and I feel that such words were nicer to hear than others. Instead of being thankful to TVXQ for having activities we are the ones who are thankful. why? It’s because of fans’ existence that we are able to have activities. Because of (fans) who listen to our music, we are able to sing. For that, we are very thankful and also, (fans) don’t have to be sorry. Many of you said it was not possible {t/n: music show wins} despite streaming everyday so I felt I had to say that. Of course, if we got #1 it would have been nice. However, more importantly than #1 is if you think, ah, as expected of TVXQ (i.e. in reference to the music/performance). That is what I like the most. However, as this time I heard that from many people, I am deeply satisfied. The activities this time were slightly more interesting. As tomorrow is the final broadcast, I think we might be able to wrap it up in a little more fun way so you’ll be cheering us on a lot for tomorrow as well, right? (Fan: yes!!) yes, so let’s fighting for tomorrow as well. Thank you very much. [cr: @YuniqueH]
  • Changmin: oh, the weather is really cold. it’s even raining. Presently (bo one=fans) have eaten yet, right? On the way back, if it is still raining, if you feel like having pajeon (Kr pancake) and makgeolli (rice wine).. {t/n: Kr practice of eating that on rainy days}.. but there are also underaged friends.. I’m saying really useless things (fan said his wavering was really cute). Anyhow, tomorrow will be the final day of the fansigns and of the activities, although fans have said they really like and I know there are many things that could have been better, there is really no helping it. We’ll be going as far as here. (ㅜㅜㅜ) as we now have to prepare for the concerts too. I hope that everyone will enjoy it to the fullest until tomorrow. Truly, a cold.. (fan interrupts: there’s repackage too!) yes indeed.. please take care not to catch a cold and go back safely. See you to the people who can come tomorrow and truly, thank you very much. Yes, we’ll be going as far as here. So then, it has been..
    Yunho and Changmin: TVXQ. [cr: @YuniqueH]






As indicated above
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express



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