[News-SBS Star] 180430 How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?


How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?

기사 대표 이미지:[SBS Star] How Does TVXQ! Spend Its 72 Hours?

K-pop boy group TVXQ! exposed how it spends 72 hours from an online reality show.

On April 30, the online show ‘The 72 Hours of TVXQ!’ (literal translation) fired its start.

From the first episode of the program, the members of TVXQ submitted their applications to various positions.

U-KNOW Yunho, for instance, visited a kindergarten and submitted his application.

Known to be the ‘Mansour of Passion’, U-KNOW Yunho filled out the reason why he was motivated to apply for the position.


He noted, “I was the eldest in my family, and I’ve spent most of my time with my cousins and younger siblings.”

He continued, “Actually, I liked to spend my time with them because I could become innocent and make reflections on my old days. That’s why I’m applying for a teaching position here.”


After the interview for the position, U-KNOW Yunho took in charge of the class with 5-year-old kids.

He introduced himself to be the one who wants to have the feeling of gummy vitamins, so he got the nickname ‘Teacher Vitamin Yunho’.

But as one of the kids in the class burst into crying, U-KNOW Yunho soon realized that his 72 hours with the kids would not be easygoing.


The other member of the group MAX Changmin gave a tryout to become a chef’s assistant.

He said, “This makes me get more nervous than the time I perform on the stage.”

MAX Changmin visited the renowned chef Choi Hyun-suk for the interview.

With his flattery comments on the application, saying, “Isn’t Chef Choi the best chief in the world?”, he finally passed the interview and got into the position.


Chef Choi warned MAX Changmin, “If you don’t just run away from me, that’s fine. The kitchen is based on a very strict hierarchical system, so please be aware. It’s actually fun to be here.”


MAX Changmin jokingly responded to Chef Choi, “Isn’t it fun because you are on the top?”, and boasted his professional skills in cooking.


The episode of the show ‘The 72 Hours of TVXQ!’ is released from every Monday to Wednesday at 11AM on the group’s V LIVE channel.

(Credit= V LIVE ‘my SMTelevision’)

(SBS Star)



English news article by SBS 뉴스 (Credit= V LIVE ‘my SMTelevision’),
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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