[Instagram] 180430 Vitamin Yunho Teacher with a Child Back Then + Story of Another who Recognised TVXQ’s #The_Chance_of_Love After Yunho Left

Yunho with a child from when he filmed for “TVXQ’s 72 Hours”, shared by her father, and a story of another child remembering him via hearing the chance of Love, shared by their teacher~




Caption Translation: ““Vitamin Yunho seonsaengnim ♥️ Ah Yoon-ie on 2018/3/22!””

#봉인해제 #동방신기 #TVXQ #유노윤호 #동방신기의72시간 #흥해라

[cr: aysy_papa: here, photo caption translated by @snxy]





Yunho only worked as a teacher for 3 days but already left an impression on the kids. kid told OP (a fellow teacher) that s/he was with mum at a store when TVXQ’s 운명 played: “ddondaengnim i heard teacher vitamin yunho ’s woowoowoo~ song”😂a runny nose couldn’t stop Teacher Y sicknessㅜ

{t/n: *ddondaengnim = kid’s cute way of pronouncing seonsaengnim (teacher) as s/he probably had a runny nose. }


[cr: IG via @luv_2154, Translated by @snxy]




as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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