[Instagram] 180519 More Soldiers Share Selfies with Changmin from his Reservist Training

Today, as well as some posted yesterday, more soldiers are posting photos with Changmin, who is undergoing a reservist training~ ^^!

According to one of them, it seems it was a total of 4 days (already finished by 5/18?)



Shared 180519:




[cr: mjs4416: here]



Shared 180518:



[cr: parksanghyun5380: here]



Shared 180518:


자다깬 꼴두기와 한컷해주신 착한
창민햇님 감솨합니다😂#예비군
#동방신기 #최강창민


OP (who was in reservist training with Changmin):
thank you very much to the nice sunshine-nim (i.e sunshine man) changmin for taking a picture with the baby octopus who’d woken up (i.e in ref to the contrast in looks)

[cr: dong___gggg: here, translated by @snxy]


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soldier commenting on meeting Changmin the last 4 days ^^



#심창민 과 자다깬 오징어
4일간 #예비군 수고하셨습니다.
창민형님과 함께 했던 교장이동 행복했어요~
#동방신기 #최강창민 #셀카 #맞팔


[cr: min__hyeok: here]


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#일상 #데일리 #셀스타 #셀스타그램 #얼스타 #얼스타그램 #멋스타그램 #동방신기 #최강창민 #심창민 진짜잘생기고친절하신..😀👍

[cr: _dj0324: here]


Shared 180518:

Someone receiving his autograph via a soldier~ ^^



[cr: hye_zziny_92: here]




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