[VID] 180114 TVXQ’s Pearl Red Ocean Appearing Briefly on KBS’s “Gag Concert”


TVXQ appeared on a segment in KBS’s “Gag Concert” about fan culture where TVXQ’s Red Ocean was mentioned





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[TVXQ! SNS/From Star] 171020 TVXQ’s Handwritten Letters to Each Other and Fans (YouR PresenT)

Official website uploaded scans of TVXQ’s letters to each other (①) and to the fans (②), that they have read out at the YouR PresenT Live in Seoul!
You can find translation of Yunho’s letter to Changmin: here. |EDIT: Translation of Changmin’s letter to Yunho can be found: here |


[ YouR PresenT – From. U-Know ① ]

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[Soompi] 151204 TVXQ’s Changmin Really Misses Yunho and Food



TVXQ’s Changmin Really Misses Yunho and Food

TVXQ‘s Changmin sent another handwritten letter to fans from the military.

On December 4, another letter that Changmin addressed to Cassiopeia was posted on TVXQ’s official website. In the letter, Changmin spoke about how he misses his fans and also his one and only bandmate Yunho.


But first, after boasting that he became the squadron leader, he goes on to speak at great length about food, saying, “Are you all taking in enough food in preparation for the winter? A few days ago, they gave us fried chicken and I thought I was going to Continue reading

[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 151204 From Star: [MAX] Haha… Are you well?


To. Cassiopeia
members of society
{t/n: because in Korean army = army/society = regular world}

충성 (Loyalty)! This is no. 54 – who even as a recruit, became recruit squadron leader and is fighting (working hard)- Recruit Shim Changmin!

Haha… Are you well? I am managing well.


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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 151202 From Star: [MAX] Loyalty! It’s Trainee Shim Changmin





To. Cassiopeia Comrades 

충성! (Loyalty!) It’s xx Regiment, xx Company, xx platoon, xx Squad no. 54 Trainee Shim Changmin.
Are you doing well? I am doing very well. I’ve become close to my platoon-mates, my squad-mates; the food too, as it suits my tastes, so I’ve been eating it well like mad.
As my way of speaking is harsh, so please understand! By nature, soldiers speak in a more soldierly and cooler way. As I want to speak in a cooler way, I am also in the midst of working hard.
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[VOTE-Billboard] Your Vote is Needed for Cassiopeia – 2015 Fan Army Face-Off (1st Round Ends in 1.25 Day!!)


Please vote for Cassiopeia in Billboard voting contest : “Fan Army Face-Off”

We are currently losing by 12.7 votes!!! Only 1.25 day left for 1st round to close!!! (Ends on 7/15)

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