[Instagram] 180815 Cute Selfie of Changmin with his Trainer Nae Jongseok’s Girlfriend

Changmin with his trainer Nae Jongseok’s girlfriend, it looks like the three are hanging out. Just as usual when taking selfies, considerate Changmin pushes his face close to the camera so the others don’t worry about their face size, and she referred to that~ ^^



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[Changmin IG] 180326 Changmin Posted a Late Night Snack + Replies to Fans’ Comments +his Trainer Thinks he’s Ready to Train Harder Tomorrow

Changmin posted ramyun as a late night snack, seems to be still awake as he liked Yunho’s teaser when it came out and also replied to fans comments for the first time!! However, his trainer Nae Jongseok seems determined to go harder on him tomorrow hahaha


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[Changmin IG] 180324 Changmin Training at home: yoohoo~💪 #the upright posture that #Bruce Lee possessed #let’s exercise #home tr(aining)

Changmin with trainer Nae Jongseok! He looks amazing while he works out ^^*


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[Instagram] 160222 Changmin’s Keeping his Workout Routine with his Trainer Even on Break~



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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 151202 From Star: [MAX] Loyalty! It’s Trainee Shim Changmin





To. Cassiopeia Comrades 

충성! (Loyalty!) It’s xx Regiment, xx Company, xx platoon, xx Squad no. 54 Trainee Shim Changmin.
Are you doing well? I am doing very well. I’ve become close to my platoon-mates, my squad-mates; the food too, as it suits my tastes, so I’ve been eating it well like mad.
As my way of speaking is harsh, so please understand! By nature, soldiers speak in a more soldierly and cooler way. As I want to speak in a cooler way, I am also in the midst of working hard.
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[Instagram] 151101 Changmin had a Meal with his Trainer, Waited in Line for them for an Hour by himself!


English Summary:

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[Instagram] 151026 Changmin with Chef Lee Yeonbok from the Restaurant he Booked for his Trainer and Jaewon


Changmin with the Chef of a Korean-Chinese Restaurant MokRan that he helped his trainer Nae Jongseok with booking a meal there, previously posted yesterday. It seems that both Changmin and Shim Jaewon were there as well, and it was Changmin’s treat haha~



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[Instagram] 151025 Changmin’s Giving a Hand to his Gym Trainer Nae Jongseok~


It seems like changmin had helped Nae Jongseok get a reservation at a restaurant that’s hard to book~






Nae Jongseok’s Instagram (naejongseok) via @snxy26,
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