[Instagram] 160916 Changmin Shared a Meal with Shim Jaewon and Lee Myoung Jin on his Leave

Shim Jaewon posted on his instagram a picture with a familiar hand wearing a denim jacket that seems to belong to none but our Changmin (as fanaccounts confirmed later~). He seemed to be on leave as it was Chuseok holiday in Korea.

Some of Shim Jaewon’s Posts:

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[Fanacc] 160915 Yunho was Spotted a Few Days Ago at Donjon, a Korean Pork BBQ Restaurant

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[Non-fanacc] 160911 Changmin was Spotted with his Father at Seokchonhosu Lake Park

The following accounts are from different people who spotted Changmin with his father/family taking a walk at Seokchonhosu Lake Park. There is a Super Moon art project going on at there, so probably they were there to see it as well~


Non-fanaccount via @GoziB_37:


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[Trans] 150914 Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 500kg of White Rice to the Needy for Chuseok – 5 Years in a Row


Yunho’s Japanese Fans Donate 500kg of White Rice to the Needy for Chuseok – 5 Years in a Row


On the 14th, the Gwangju Community Chest announced that Japanese Yunho fansite, Jung Yunho Fan Blog Ring One, have donated 500kg of rice for Chuseok (150,000 won worth).

Through email, fans expressed that they had wanted to emulate and supplement the warm heart of Yunho’s, who enlisted in the army last July, with which he had in the past, personally carried out volunteer and donation activities at welfare facilities in Gwangju city; as well as heard that for Korea’s big holiday, Chuseok, rice cakes (송편) were made.

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