[VID/Partial Trans] 180109 Actor Han Jaeseok’s Phone Call to Yunho on MBC’s Video Star

Actor Han Jaesuk was Yunho’s co-star in Meloholic~




Official on 비디오스타 naver channel: here.



[cr: @GLEAMTVXQ: 1 and 2]



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Translated by @snxy:

  • On Video Star: Han Jaesuk calls Yunho (at first he’s unsure as Yunho is in the midst of recording for a TVXQ album today but Yunho picks up!!) Asked about what he’d do if HJS dates; said will object cause = less time to hang out.
  • MCs had noted that HJS is close friends with Yunho. They talk on the phone often about daily life etc. MC joked they were like a couple. Asked if HJS would suit Jun Hyo Sung (fellow guest star) & Yunho said he’d object cause it’d mean less time to play, showing off a cute reason for his jealousy
  • Yunho leaves a message of support for HJS (Meloholic costar). MC asks Yunho about appearing on Video Star in the future; (Yunho says as he is part of a group so..
    MC: ah you mean appear together?
    Yunho: I would have to discuss it with Changmin first ^^)
  • After MCs thank and bid farewell to Yunho, Han Jaesuk tells Yunho he’d call him after the show ends and Y says no (i.e: he means it’s ok don’t worry) bu MCs jokingly take it as Y is saying don’t call me anymore ㅋㅋ (hence the flustered lol look on HJS)





As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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