[TVXQ!Express] August 21st is Marking Another Restart for the Kings! #WelcomeBackTVXQ!!



On this day, seven years ago,

Yunho and Changmin stood firmly on the 2010 SMTown in Seoul stage.
Nervous and worried, yet presented an outstanding and memorable stage.
A stage that marked the restart of TVXQ! after its hiatus.

A restart that made fantasies into realities, and led TVXQ! to even larger venues and stages.
Breaking new records, experimentingwith new music, and stealing a lot of hearts (:P).
All while keeping their rookie mindset and serious attitude toward their work.

Seven years, of which they deducted the minimum time possible to fulfil their duties to their country,
then return to TVXQ asap.

Today, they are restarting the TVXQ train again.

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[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 170820 FROM MEMBER: To Bigeast From CHANGMIN [Trans by @snxy]

Similar to how we handled the enlistment message: Because of the Official Website’s notice on this video, which is saying that it will keep Changmin’s message for about two weeks, we will put down this post along with all the links after 2017/09/04



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[Instagram] 170819 A KR Magazines Staff at SUM Cafe Possibly for an Interview.. with TVXQ?

The staff is one of the crew who was with Changmin in his GRAZIA photoshoot in LA, but seems to be working for different magazines.

In her post at SUM Cafe, the tags said “interview” and “TVXQ”… so probably she is interviewing them? (or changmin since he’s just discharge).


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[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170818 From Star: [MAX] Discharge Greeting: Special Message From MAX



Video upoaded on SMTOWN Naver Channel: here




Hello, this is TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin.
Today, as of now, exactly on the 18th of August, 2017, I have been formally discharged and rightaway, through this clip, have come to stand in front of the camera to greet everyone. It’s been a long time since I have sent my regards to everyone like this via a camera and I think once more, that I am fortunate to be able to say my heartfelt thanks for having waited. Yea, for us TVXQ, this is my sincerest thanks once again that although me and now, including our Yunho hyung had 2 years of hiatus, even then, firmly and unchangingly from where you were, you sent us off, came out to meet us, and waited. In the future too, more than now, as we will be preparing diligently to be able to see you all with a cooler and more dependable appearance, rather than rightaway having activities now that we are discharged, although there may be a little talk of “why aren’t they appearing straightaway?”, as there will be this period of preparatory time, I will be grateful if you all could wait just a bit more and we will prepare well in order not to disappoint when we go and find you. Thank you very much.


[cr: via @0206yhken, KR-EN Translated by @snxy]




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