[VID/Trans] New Videos of Changmin’s “Boys’ Day” Backstage and Yunho’s Feelings about TVXQ from 「SMTOWN THE STAGE―Japan Original Version―」DVD



Excerpt from the DVD of Yunho’s Interview for the Movie:


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Q: What does TVXQ mean to you?

Yunho: Home. A home that I can return to. Even as time passes, it is a home that I can rest at. Yes. Hence, even as I do individual activities as Jung Yunho, or even as U-Know Yunho, through TVXQ, I can go Continue reading

[VID/Partial Trans] 151214 Preview of TVXQ! in『SMTOWN THE STAGE -JAPAN Original Version-』 The Movie~


TVXQ! at 00:12~00:39. You can also spot them among the crowd in the rest of the video~



DVD & Blu-ray Release on 2016.1.20 (Wed)!


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[INFO] 151102 SMTOWN THE STAGE -Japan Original version- Movie DVD and Blu-ray to be Released on 160120

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The documentary movie that covers SM artists during SMTown World Tour IV named “SMTOWN THE STAGE- Japan original version -” will be released as DVD & Blu-ray on January 20, 2016 (Wed)! Pre-orders are open now~

There will be a normal version and a Deluxe Edition “Complete Edition”.

The Deluxe Edition has a bonus DVD of 200+ minutes long, contains live performances like TVXQ’s “Somebody To Love” performance at SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV at Tokyo, as well as backstage footage and unpublished video interviews. It comes in a silver sleeve packaging.

In addition, those who order the Deluxe Edition from the Bigeast online shop, the silver case color will come in Tohoshinki’s fandom color: Red! (It applies to other SM fandoms as well when they order from their own online shops)

{p/n: since this is a Japanese release, then the DVD region code most probably will be: 2, while the blu-ray is: A, so make sure your player’s region code match or that it is region-free}

Product details are as follows:


Deluxe Edition 「SMTOWN THE STAGE- Japan original version – Complete DVD edition」

Product Number: EYBF-10634~6
Price: 8,000 yen+tax
Specifications: DVD 3 discs / main content 112 min +bonus disc 200 min
Audio: Korean
Subtitles: Japanese

《Benefits》 silver sleeve packaging

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[VID/Trans] 150904 TVXQ! Talks about Rehearsaling in『SMTOWN THE STAGE -JAPAN Original Version-』 The Movie







{t/n: -rough trans- the tvxq smtown stage clip on their rehearsing was prev in an article before}:

Yunho: sometimes actually I will also wonder if I am too serious during rehearsals but if am slipshod from the start of rehearsals, then it seems the actual performance will also be cursorily done.

Changmin: frankly.. Continue reading

[VID] 150827 TVXQ! and Boys’ Day in the New Preview of『SMTOWN THE STAGE -JAPAN Original Version-』 The Movie!!


Both Yunho and Changmin appears here! and Changmin’s Boys’ Day as well~~~~


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnTUjiVYZXo]






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