[VID/Trans] New Videos of Changmin’s “Boys’ Day” Backstage and Yunho’s Feelings about TVXQ from 「SMTOWN THE STAGE―Japan Original Version―」DVD



Excerpt from the DVD of Yunho’s Interview for the Movie:


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Q: What does TVXQ mean to you?

Yunho: Home. A home that I can return to. Even as time passes, it is a home that I can rest at. Yes. Hence, even as I do individual activities as Jung Yunho, or even as U-Know Yunho, through TVXQ, I can go Continue reading

[VID] 150827 TVXQ! and Boys’ Day in the New Preview of『SMTOWN THE STAGE -JAPAN Original Version-』 The Movie!!


Both Yunho and Changmin appears here! and Changmin’s Boys’ Day as well~~~~


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnTUjiVYZXo]






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[VID/Trans/Trend] 150807 SMTOWN THE STAGE (Boy’s Day BTS + Unpublished Video)


SMTOWN THE STAGE [ Boy’s Day – Behind The Scenes ]:


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[Translation Regarding Changmin’s Performance]


YH: it was a fun performance, and above anything, the audience liked it. If I were to choose between them, I would say Changmin did the best. I think he brought out the point of the choreo well. I think he practiced the most, Changmin.
KH: “Should we cross dress? You’ve Continue reading

[PIC/HQ] TVXQ! @ 140815 SM Town Live World Tour IV in Seoul – 1 & 2 –

Here are the compilation of HQ photos of TVXQ! @ 140815 SM Town Live World Tour IV in Seoul. All the photos are categorised into different performances for easy reference. Remember to thank vyoback for all the amazing photos!

TVXQ! Set List @ SM Town World Tour IV in Seoul

  1. Boys Day – Something (Kyuline’s Special Stage)
  2. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Always Be With You + HUG + Dream
  3. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Rising Sun
  4. D.O. + Max + Taemin + Jae Hyun – You Needed Me
  5. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Something
  6. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Ment
  7. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Spellbound
  8. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Why! Keep Your Head Down
  9. TVXQ! 동방신기 – Catch Me
  10. SMTOWN – Hope
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[Instagram/Trans] 140825 a Female TVXQ! Dancer (loveragi) Introduces one of her Beautiful Single Girlfriends, One you Know Really Well~ xD



140825 More of Boys' Day's Changmin! A beautiful selca with one of the Female TVXQ! Dancers~ (loveragi) 000




[trans] Shim Jang Mi’s photo with female dancer ^_^

[From loveragi instagram]
“Is there anyone who wants to be introduced to a female friend / girlfriend? He’s called Chang Ja… because he likes innards (or intestines, pronounced as “Gopchang”)), his name is Chang Ja (which also means “intestines”)~ although he is a little old, the beauty of his innocence is awesome~ however, his height is a little tall, was it 186 ke or 85 keke.. she still doesn’t have a boyfriend”





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[Instagram/Trans] 140826 TVXQ’s dancer ( good_js) with Changmin’s Boy’s Day from SMTown (140815) + a different one with Yunho

[trans] Instagram picture of TVXQ’s dancer with Changmin

[From good_js instagram] “Introducing my girlfriend, Chang Sooni, who has a little belated feel* to her #smtown #someting #tvxq #Chang Sooni #pretty”

*ie meaning that she developed her womanly charms a little belatedly LOL

140826 a pic of Changmin as Jangmi from SMTown's boys day 140815 with a dancer appears good_js IG 000

Also shares a picture of Yunho:

140826 a pic of Yunho from a dancer appears good_js IG 000



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