[VID/Partial Trans] 151214 Preview of TVXQ! in『SMTOWN THE STAGE -JAPAN Original Version-』 The Movie~


TVXQ! at 00:12~00:39. You can also spot them among the crowd in the rest of the video~



DVD & Blu-ray Release on 2016.1.20 (Wed)!


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[VID/Partial Trans] 150821 SMTOWN THE STAGE (Myself after 10 Years – Interview)






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[VID/Partial Trans] 150818 SMTOWN THE STAGE ( ‘School OZ’ Hologram Musical BTS+Ichigo Performance)


SMTOWN THE STAGE [‘School OZ’ Hologram Musical BTS]:




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[Twitter/VID] 150811 Changmin Briefly in SMTOWN Artists Promotional Message for “SMTOWN THE STAGE” (Out on 150813)


The movie to be released in Korean theaters on 8/13 for two weeks (until 8/26), while the Japanese release will reach the theaters on 8/29.


Changmin appeared very briefly here, click on the tweet to play the video:





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[VID/Trans/Trend] 150807 SMTOWN THE STAGE (Boy’s Day BTS + Unpublished Video)


SMTOWN THE STAGE [ Boy’s Day – Behind The Scenes ]:


[tweet https://twitter.com/smtown_thestage/status/629506587070103552]



[Translation Regarding Changmin’s Performance]


YH: it was a fun performance, and above anything, the audience liked it. If I were to choose between them, I would say Changmin did the best. I think he brought out the point of the choreo well. I think he practiced the most, Changmin.
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[Trans] 150730 TVXQ Revealed its Thoughts about Stage, U-Know Yunho Sends a Message to EXO


This is a translation of the same article we shared its headline before.



TVXQ revealed its thoughts about the stage.

U-Know Yunho gave reassuring advice to his juniors EXO by saying, “Enjoy! Consider yourself as the protagonist/ hero and the king while on stage!”, in a video that was recently unveiled prior to ‘SMTOWN THE STAGE’ premiere.
He also showed his affection toward the stage by saying, “Where ever I go, I add my own meaning ( to myself) about being confident/ powerful on stage. I could die right here with no regrets, and therefore I am happy.”

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