[PIC] 171221 Nikkan Sports Tokyo Dome special 東方神起 Edition #Reboot

This time they prepared 5,000 copies from today’s issue, seeing how the 2,000 from yesterday’s has sold out, and will be selling earlier, at 10am [cr: @nikkansports]. Sold at the same three locations as yesterday’s: 1) JR Suidobashi Station East Exit Shop, 2) West Exit Shop 3) Excelsior Cafe Front. [@nikkan_choa Translated by @snxy].



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[Headline] 171220 東方神起 “From now, we won’t be leaving again.” Their Warm Feelings for their New Single


  • Tohoshinki “from now, we won’t be leaving again.” Their warm feelings for their new single




Nikkan Sports,
Translated by @snxy,
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[PIC] 171220 東方神起 for Single Reboot News Article Interview for Nikkan Sports

Another photoshoot for a different newspaper


[cr: Nikkan Sports]



[cr: @tvxq_myFravor]


Tweeted yesterday, preparation of today’s newspaper article.

[cr: @nikkan_blueo]




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[PIC] 171122 Ads on Newspapers as Yunho’s Meloholic Started Airing in Japan on Sky PerfecTV (9pm JST)~

Meloholic (with Jpn subs) was scheduled to air from 11/22 on Sky PerfecTV every Wednesday at 9pm JST. Below is a compilation of some of the ads on the 11/22 newspapers~


  • Sankei

  • Nishinippon

  • Yomiuri

[cr: @sumireciko26: 1, 2, 3]


  • UP: Yomiuri
    Below: Asahi


[cr: @Shim_Ls2v2]





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[VID] 170822 Japanese TV News Coverage on the TVXQ! ASIA PRESS TOUR at Tokyo Yesterday (Part.2)

TV morning news reviewing the news articles on the press~




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