[Trans] 171005 TVXQ’s “glutinous rice chemistry” to Shine Today on Happy Together 3~

Broadcast at 11:10PM~

Happy Together3 preview, Changmin “I wanted to be SJ, not TVXQ”

During the recording, U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin’s opposite personalities were revealed and based on that, drew attention by bringing up various episodes. That day, Choikang Changmin said, “it’s been tough as Yunho hyung is such a high-spirited person,” “between us, Yunho hyung is a ‘passion {t/n: can also be taken to mean enthusiasm here} chaebol’, and I call him “Passion Mansour”, evoking laughter with his revelation of U-Know Yunho’s excessive? passion. In addition, on his own personality, “I don’t like competition, I like being a step behind,” asserting his position as a non-possessor of passion, confessing his clear character. If he had to, Choikang Changmin’s revelation that he had wanted to become a member of Super Junior, surprised everyone. “When compared to being with U-Know Yunho hyung who is goals-oriented and overflowing with passion, as just the two of them, I was envious of Super Junior’s easy-going mood. It was to the extent that even if I had to pay once, I wanted to have activities as a Super Junior member”, causing a roar of laughter.

Even as everyone who was holding their sides with laughter, U-Know Yunho said in a sober expression, “at that time, I was very angry. The TVXQ brand had been built so painstakingly so why did he obstinately want to go to another group?”, giving an impassioned answer just like a Passion Mansoor would, at that Choikang Changmin said, shaking his head “a story said for a laugh could be one that you’d die of,” making everyone present burst out laughing. Separately, on that day, through Choikang Changmin’s revelation that, “for Yunho hyung, when juniors come in, it was a rite of passage for them to watch a video of his work,” and “because of Yunho hyung, the ideal type was changed,” and his sharing of other related behind-the-scenes stories of “Passion Mansoor” U-Know Yunho – it was like a widow’s curse {t/n: non-stop supply} that fixated the eyes and ears of everyone present. It was such that even Yoo Jaesuk said “I didn’t realise that TVXQ was such a gag (comedic) duo and even gave a thumbs up as his positive review of them. Hence, there is high anticipation at the “glutinous rice chemistry” that U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin who are like a long-time married couple that is extricable from each other, will give out through the talk about their characters.




OSEN via naver,
Translated by @snxy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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