[PIC/Trans] 180129 Yunho’s Handwritten Message to a Winner of the SUM Cafe Event for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary


A winner of one of the SUM Cafe events for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary received Yunho’s handwritten message as a prize~





“I believe in Cassiopeia and will become better!! (Cassiopeia) are my pride~ ♫ You know that right??”



KR-JP Translated by @iruka0206,
JP-EN Translated by @joeylfy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

[INFO/PIC] 171223-24 TVXQ! Debut 14th Anniversary Sets on Sale at SUM Cafe and SUM + Christmas Photocards~

Special sets at SUM and SUM Cafe for TVXQ’s 14th anniversary ^^


  • TVXQ! Debut 14TH Anniversary Set
    Price: 20,000₩
    On sale at SUM cafe from 12/24~
    TVXQ Ade bottles with personally-written messages printed + candy + photocard.
    [Yunho: Strawberry Ade/candy & Changmin: Peach Ade/candy]

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[Trans] 171130 Two SUM Cafe Events Announced for TVXQ! 14th Anniversary!! (Period 12/01~12/10)

SUM announced a TVXQ! 14th Anniversary Event: ‘Message Card’ & ‘From Me to You’

Translations of the event details can be found below~




TVXQ 14th Anniversary Celebratory Event – Cake Made With Fans 🎂
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