[VID/Trans] 141128 Tohoshinki – Spinnning PV Preview & Making on JP TV News + JIJIPRESS

  • ASADESU アサデス ①

[Caption Trans]

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The filming took place at a cabaret (closed) in Tokyo until 1 am in the end of October.


  • ASADESU アサデス ②

[cr: yukichi tvxq, ScreenCap by , Translated by @beriko0214]

  • Oha4!


CM: It is not only the two of us dancing but also we can show our new performance to you, so please anticipate (Spinning)
YH: Yes, please

[cr: yukichi tvxq, Translation by @beriko0214]


  • Hayachan はやちゃん


YH: We coordinated together not only with our dancers but also with marching bands
and at the filming set, we tried to convey our feelings ad libbing
we enjoyed that very much!

[cr: Chako Cha, Translation by @beriko0214]



CM: Was everything okay?… okay?

YH: We, TOHOSHINKI, also looking forward to watching the finished product (MV). Everyone, please anticipate it too.
CM: Yes
CM: Ye-s-
YH to CM: Well.. you sounded like halfhearted.. (you did not sound like that you meant it)
CM to YH: I am not halfhearted/I meant it!
CM: I did my best.
YH: Okay.. and..
CM: I really am speaking a lot!
YH: and Lastly..
CM: I am so frustrated..

[cr: JIJIPRESS, Translation by @beriko0214]



As Indicated above,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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