[Trans] 141223 2014 TVXQ, 1st place + 600,000 Spectators + 34 Billion won.. A Dazzlingly Brilliant “Full 10th anniversary” both Domestically and Overseas

2014 TVXQ, 1st place + 600,000 spectators + 34 billion won.. A dazzlingly brilliant “full 10th anniversary” both domestically and overseas



Representative K-Pop idol group TVXQ (U-Know Yunho, Max Changmin) has made their full 10th anniversary since their debut into a glowing year both domestically and overseas.

Although TVXQ had their first appearance on broadcast in December 2003, because their debut single “Hug” was only officially released in January 2004, in actuality, this year is the year when they have reached their full 10th anniversary. In the year when TVXQ reached their full 10th anniversary, they reaped attention-grabbing results through their new albums and concerts etc, in of course not only the domestic field, but also overseas, displaying their long-accumulated latent power to their full potential.

First, TVXQ released their official 7th album “Tense” in Korea in January this year, and they rose to 1st place on various music charts and music programmes through their title dance track “Something”. At the time of release of the “Tense” album, they also conquered the peak of the Vietnam and Japanese iTunes main album charts.

Just as TVXQ released their “Tense” album for sale and they were reaping good results in various categories, the American Billboard once again focused attention on them, going “For TVXQ’s 10th anniversary, not just in Korea, it is something which is worthy of being celebrated on a worldwide global scale.”

Using the Hanteo Charts, which accumulate the total music album sales domestically, as the standard, TVXQ’s “Tense” album sold 159,915 copies as at 22 December, and garnered 3rd place for the most number of sales amongst all the singular music albums released for sale domestically this year. This is tantamount to them showing the powerful strength of a 10-year-old group even amidst the battle with their junior idol groups.

TVXQ released the repackaged album of their official 7th album in February through the eye-catching unique performance of the title track “Spellbound”, showcasing a memorable performance to the fans.

TVXQ’s vigorous activities (ie the positive results) extended to Japan too.

TVXQ released their new album “Tree” in Japan in March, and recorded sales of 156,491 copies on the first day alone, ascending to 1st place at one go on the Oricon Daily Album Charts.

TVXQ revealed their new Japanese single “Time Works Wonders” in November, and sold approximately 107,000 copies in the first week of sale. In this way, regarding all the singles released from TVXQ’s official Japanese debut to that time, with total sales of 4,088,000 copies, they surpassed the record of 4,010,000 copies held by Hong Kong singer Agnes Chan, and garnered 1st place for the total singles sales in the history of foreign artistes on the Oricon charts.

With “Time Works Wonders”, TVXQ did not just obtain 1st place in the total singles sales for foreign singers in the Oricon history, but also set a record of having the most singles enter the Top 10 of the Oricon Weekly Singles Charts (total of 34 singles).

TVXQ released their new Japanese official album “With” in December, and further garnered 1st place on the Oricon Daily and Weekly Album Charts. TVXQ thereby came to be able to possess the new record of being the first foreign group in history to obtain 1st place on the Oricon Daily Album Charts for 4 consecutive official albums.

Riding on the positive wave of sales for their new Japanese singles and albums, in the total sales revenue chart which concerns the 2014 yearly singles, albums, music DVDs etc, revealed by Oricon recently and which is sorted by artistes, TVXQ recorded sales of 3.691 billion yet {p/n: typo; yen} (approximately 34 billion won) and obtained 5th place, and other than the Japanese singers, they were the only foreign singers whose name appeared within the Top 5.

In Oricon’s 2014 yearly singles sales, TVXQ also single-handedly entered the rankings (Top 50) as Korean singers. TVXQ entered at 48th place with their Japanese single “Sweat / Answer”, released in June, selling 143,000 copies.

In the Oricon 2014 yearly albums and music DVDs category, TVXQ also reaped the best results out of the Korean singers. Their “Tree” album released in March obtained 13th place in the yearly album sales with sales of 265,013 copies, while their music DVD “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~ Tree” revealed in August obtained 7th place in the yearly music DVD sales with sales of 115,903 copies.

TVXQ also achieved huge success in their overseas concert tours.

Through their Japan nationwide concert tour “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2014 ~ Tree” which started with their concert in Yokohama in Japan on 22 April, and proceeded till June in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Miyagi etc, TVXQ met with a total of 600,000 spectators.

Since starting their first Japanese concert tour as 2 members in 2012, TVXQ had mobilized 2 million spectators through just their exclusive concert tours alone in Japan in a span of the recent 3 years, also setting the huge record of surpassing the 2 million mark in the shortest amount of time in history for foreign artistes.

TVXQ stood out on the stage for their special live tour “T1ST0RY”, which encompasses their past 10 years, through the starting concert in Seoul at the start of this month, and also concluded their Taipei, Taiwan and Beijing, China concerts during that period of time in huge success.

Just as this means, TVXQ had spent a blessed / happy 10th anniversary this year while creating dazzlingly brilliant results in all sorts of various categories both domestically and overseas. It was an outstanding year which truly reflected their 10-year latent power.




Star news via naver,
Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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