[Trans] 150525 Idol Groups in the Big 3 Agencies that Earn the Most Money


3대기획사에 돈을 가장 많이 벌어다주는 아이돌그룹들.gif | 인스티즈


Last year, in the music market, TVXQ’s Japan albums earned 36.9 billion (5th place in the Top15, only korean idols) + for the concert tour held every year, one time is at least 100 billion
(t/n: unit of currency assumed to be ₩)


{p/n: regarding the 5th place info, this is probably referring to this news, which means the currency for 36.9 billion is yen= 34 billion won}




Translated by @snxy
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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