[Trans] 151221 The sale of 2016 Reversible Calendar, Bigeast Limited 2016 Table Calendar-Diary-TB Stuffed Toy has been decided!


■2016 Reversible Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)

【Sale Date】12/24(Thu)16:00~ JST
【Bigeast Official Shop Limited Benefits】One Poster Calendar ( Size A2)

A customary 東方神起 monthly calendar every year.
Each and every casual moment that comes by everyday, we would like to spend those moments in a careful manner and have a happy year.
「A Day」, the fourth in the series that carries such a theme, it is imbued with (東方神起) members’ thoughts of “Always wanting to be close to the fans” and is titled「A day in the neighborhood」.

This is a work which was photographed in the neighboring location and scenery, imbued with the feeling of breathing in the same air and taking a walk in the neighborhood together with them.
From April 2016 to March 2017, there are 2 different pages for each month, so pick your favorite for display!





【Purchase here】
★Bigeast Official Shop
★mu-mo Shop

■Bigeast limited 2016 Table Weekly Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)
■Bigeast limited 2016 Diary Notebook (with sticker) 1,600 Yen(Tax included)
【Sale Date】1/25(Mon)16:00~ JST

Bigeast Limited TB* Stuffed Toy(for 5+ year long members) 4,200 Yen(Tax included)
【Sale Date】2/5(Fri)16:00~ JST

Photo previews of the Bigeast limited goods above will be available soon on the website.


{p/n: TB was a stuffed red bear at Tohoshinki’s 10th Anniversary event in Japan that was on 151427. T for Tohoshinki and B for Bigeast, together it is TB! and 4/27 marks its birthday (Tohoshinki’s Japanese Debut).
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cr: @joeylfy: 1 and 2}




Bigeast Official Website and mu-mo Bigeast Shop,
Title and Reversible Calendar Description translated by @joeylfy: 1 and 2,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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