[Trans] 160102 Letters from Yunho and Changmin to Bigeast have Arrived


Letters from Yunho and Changmin to Bigeast have arrived.



160102 Bigeast Letters 00 Yunho


To. Bigeast~♫

Happy New Year!

This is my first letter since I have enlisted ^^*.
Everyone of Bigeast, how are you doing?
As for me now, I’m spending my days working hard together with many of my comrades here~♫ {t/n: He used a four letter idiom here but wrote it in Hiragana – 切磋琢磨, which means working hard diligently}
Though I would love to meet everyone as soon as possible, just a little bit more, it feels lonely but please wait for me!
I will become stronger, and show everyone a cool’er (more attractive) Yunho!
Let’s meet again~ Love you!.






160102 Bigeast Letters 01 Changmin


To. Bigeast

This is Changmin. How is everyone doing?
Happy New Year*.
Shim is doing fine.
Everyday, I’m spending it well.^^
I also eat my meal well ^^
I will write again.
Until then!


{p/n: Changmin wrote Happy New Year あけましておめでとう in its commonly used shortened term あけおめ in his letter, cr: @joeylfy}




Bigeast Official Website,
Translated by @joeylfy,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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