[VID/Trans] 160114 Tohoshinki’s Changmin’s Greeting for “24h-Cosme Spring Campaign”




Official Video has been released again:



東方神起 Changmin’s Greeting for “24h-Cosme Spring Campaign”

Everyone, hello. This is Changmin of TOHOSHINKI! The CM for 24h-Cosme which I’m appearing in is starting*!

Well, right, the CM this time, while it was filmed on an individual basis, when seeing it {t/n: the CM} on TV, there will be thoughts that “This CM was probably filmed outdoor right?”, this place that we’re talking about here is an actual studio set, I as well, maybe was thinking that I was actually doing it outdoor, despite filming it indoor. Personally speaking, it was very rare for me so I was quite surprised.

As none would have thought that everything was filmed indoor, that place was really interesting personally. I think a wonderful CM was completed so please definitely check it out!

Also, the foundation products from 24h-Cosme, they have a long-lasting moisturising effect, so definitely try it out!

That will be all, and this was Changmin of TOHOSHINKI


{p/n: official video seems to have been taken down (*probably because the actual CM hasn’t been released yet), so this is a re-upload. For those interested in downloading it please go here}




24h cosme(24hコスメ): here,
Youtube re-upload by maxchangminmayu, Download link via @BambitoRjn,
Translated by @joeylfy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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