[Twitter] 160209 Toho Dancer ksk-san Wishes Yunho a Happy Birthday, Though he might not See his Message~



Toho-dancer ksk-san wishing Yunho Happy Birthday even tho he knows Yunho might not see the message www




Toho Dancer ksk-san’s Twitter (@real_kskdayo),
Translated by @joeylfy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


[Twitter] 160209 Music Producer Cho Hankyung Talks about the Hardworking Yunho on his Break~

Music producer and song writer Cho Hankyung/AK who seems to have attended Yunho’s birthday party at SMT Seoul, talked about Yunho giving attention to work even during his break~

It seems like this party with friends was on the night of his birthday too~



[tweet https://twitter.com/maxntrend/status/696718886733885442]



a man like you who, even when out on a break, always works through the night. it was enjoyable spending this meaningful day together~ our #new music project is still going on ^^ Continue reading