[Twitter] 160131 Japanese Actor Nakamura Kaito Says he’s been Listening to Tohoshinki Lately~


He is also the same person who named his cat after Changmin and said he was a fan, as we once posted~




To a question on what music he has been listening to lately, JPN actor Nakamura Kaito answered “always TVXQ ww basically a lot of Kpop”





Nakamura Kaito’s twitter (@nakamura__kaito),
Translated by @snxy,
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[Instagram] 160131 Changmin in Another Selca Backstage from the Recent Seoul Police MUSICAL & HEALING CONCERT





with the beloved hyungs who have worked very hard. let’s fighting! ♥





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[INFO] 160131 Bigeast Limited Tohoshinki’s Game「東方神起 Timeless ~Journey to the Future~」has been Released!


The Bigeast limited Tohoshinki’s Game「東方神起 Timeless ~Journey to the Future~」has been released now, and all SNS official accounts are now open (Twitter , Facebook).

As you can see from the game’s icon, Tohoshinki seem to have done a special photoshoot for it. The game follows the style of Japanese visual novels games, and so one could expect to see new photos with different cute expressions from Tohoshinki there haha.

To play the game, other than doing the usual registering, you will also need to register with your Bigeast membership log in information to activate your account. Also, the game is playable on different devices as said in previous posts.





About the game’s story by @joeylfy:

  • The toho game is like a… interactive adventure game, set after the boys going into two-years hiatus. Continue reading

[Fanacc] 160131 Yunho Spotted Attending f(x)’s The 1st Concert Dimension 4 – Docking Station in Seoul (Last Day)

On his own military leave, the always supporting senior Yunho attended his same-label junior’s f(x) first concert Dimension 4 – Docking Station’s last day in Seoul,

Here are some fanaccounts from fans spotting him there with his manager:


Fanaccounts Translated by @joeylfy :


  • Yunho (together with manager) attended f(x) concert today, and he stayed until encore!  
  • Apparently he was cheering in fullforce while holding a slogan banner, like how fangirls does it, slightly embrassed ;;
  • Today’s Yunho was seen w/ army cap, muffler & glasses! He was cheering w a penlight & a slogan banner! Continue reading