[INFO] 160330 New TVXQ SUM Food Products: Red Ginseng, Spicy Popcorn and Lobster Flavored Potato Chips!



  • SUM x PEACOCK: TVXQ! Spicy and Barbecue POPCORN (620kcal)
    Price: 1,980₩ [cr: @tvxqyoonmin] \ EDIT: Each: 1,980₩ | BOX (12 bags): 23,760₩ [cr: @0206yhken via @snxy\


which was introduces by the shinsegae group vice chairman (owns emart) on his instagram!



[cr: Jeong Yong Jin’s Instagram (yj_loves) via @snxy]



More Photos from a fan, saying that it tastes sweet & spicy and it is the most delicious popcorn so far :

[cr: @0206yhken via @snxy]





  • SUM x emart: TVXQ! Korean Red Ginseng Extract Tablet (6 years old ginseng)
    Price: 38,900₩ (600mg x 120 Capsules)


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[INFO] 160330 Special Project! Birthday Congratulatory Video from 東方神起 Service to Start from 4/1!

The distribution of birthday congratulatory video message from Yunho & Changmin starts now for a limited time ~♪
The video will not just consist of congratulatory message! It is also a special video whereby Yunho & Changmin will read out your name!! Everyone, please look forward to it~♪


※Important Notes※

※The distribution of birthday congratulatory video message will begin from 2016/4/1~2017/3/31.
※It is a one-day limited distribution on the day of BIGEAST members’ birthday, that was used at the point of initial member registration.  Continue reading

[Instagram] 160329 Shim Jaewon Shares Memories of the ShimShimBack Europe Trip, Missing Changmin~




Really nostalgic ㅎㅎ Missing u, the both of u




About the Jacket:


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[PIC] 160329 Changmin in a New Poster for SMPA Anti School Violence Campaign

Another Seoul police promotional unit anti-school violence campaign publicity poster, It is announcing that the results of that casting call anti-school violence competition to be out on 4/4


Details about the campaign can be found here



Seoul Police Official Facbeook (서울경찰 (Seoul Police)): here, Also on Instagram (hiro45smpa): here,
in English via @snxy,
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[INFO] 160328 For Receiving Great Reviews, Yunika Vision to Rebroadcast “TVXQ Highlights”on the 3rd of April~


Here are the official Yunika Vision English announcement about “TVXQ Highlights Rebroadcast ” on 4/03, the teaser broadcast times, and the special campaign.



“TVXQ Highlights” will be broadcast at the following times at Shinjuku Yunika Vision on Sunday April 3.
You can watch the screen on our live broadcasting site!!

Sunday, April 3rd  8:00 – 8:55 PM JST
(Times are shown in Japan Standard Time.)
※One-time broadcast
※Program content is the same as the March 13 broadcast.



A single broadcast of 55 minutes of live “TVXQ Highlights” video which has been aired on Yunika Vision!!

【Song List】
1. Y3K
(From「TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~」)
2. Purple Line
(From「TVXQ LIVE TOUR 2013 ~TIME~」)
3. Humanoids
4. “O”-sei han gou
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[Non-fanacc] 160328 About Spotting Yunho Shopping at Yangju’s E-mart with Army Mates on 160319


“Do you know who this is?”

OP had gone to emart with (her?) family when she heard staff go “kya-ah!!”, getting excited over seeing this person whilst receiving autographs. But (she?) was wondering who it was and took a photo so (she?) could ask her dongsaeng at home. Dongsaeng went daebak!! It’s u-know yunho!! How could I (OP) not know.. She had asked if it had been an event but it was just a few soldiers at emart buying groceries. She didn’t know as she seldom watched TV and didn’t know celebrities especially idols well. Seems her luck (that day) had been good and she had taken a photo of a celebrity. ㅎㅎ




kiy0528 @ Blog naver,
Translated by @snxy,
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[Trans] 160327 A Post on the Old Story of TVXQ! Treating the Fans to Starbucks During Spellbound Comeback on Inkigayo


This an instiz post about the old story (140302) when TVXQ! treated their fans to Starbucks coffee in cups signed by them:


2014 surisuri 1st recording on inkigayo when fans had lined up since 3am but had to wait till 7:30 am for recording to start because the production staff were behind time. Despite being rushed by staff. Yunho said rather than Continue reading

[INFO] 160328 Preview of 東方神起 『STAY’elua』to be on “Weekly Women PRIME” – 04/12 Issue 2016 (Release on 160329)



Exclusive previews of 東方神起 『STAY’elua』to be on “Weekly Women PRIME” – 04/12 Issue 2016, to be released tomorrow.




@shujoprime via @snxy,
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[VID/Trans] Cuts from 東方神起 History DVD「We are T ~Second Memories~」



On Christmas:

Yunho: When I was young, I had Christmas parties with my family, when I think about myself back then, it was with a really pure feeling that photos with (me?) smiling were taken. Recently, I saw those photos, and as it was with the thought of ah, at Continue reading